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Beyond 2015

"Rethinking Learning in a Changing World"

Background and Objectives

A three-day high-level expert meeting on ‘Beyond 2015 - Rethinking Learning in a Changing World’ will be held on 26 – 28 November 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. 

This meeting is organized with support from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and builds on discussion led by UNESCO around a new vision of education and the development of a post-2015 education agenda and recommendations made at the previous meeting: “Towards EFA 2015 and Beyond – Shaping a New Vision for Education.” 

These recommendations, captured in the Summary Outcomes, indicate that learning should be pinnacle to education of the future as well as in the global discussions on the role of education in post-2015 agendas. Indeed, this imperative was also recently acknowledged by the UN Secretary-General who recently launched a landmark global initiative Education First with three priorities in the next five years: putting every child in school, improving the quality of learning and fostering global citizenship. 

Based on the growing recognition of learning being one of the core areas of emphasis for future education as well as in the global discussions on the role of education in post-2015 agendas, the meeting will discuss cutting-edge insights on learning from the perspectives of educationalists, learning scientists and economists and learning requirements for the future. It will develop recommendations on possible responses to these requirements and what may be required to build effective learning systems in a life-long learning perspective. The findings of the meeting will also support furthering regional and international work towards developing a new vision of education and the post-2015 development agenda. 


  • Enrich the current global debate on learning by promoting dialogue among educationists, learning scientists and economists; 
  • Formulate recommendations on further research; actions towards building effective learning systems; post-2015 agendas.

Seminar Documents