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EFA 2000 Assessment

The World Declaration on Education for All and the Framework for Action to Meet Basic Learning Needs, adopted at Jomtien, foresaw the need for an end of decade assessment of progress as a basis for a comprehensive review of policies concerning basic education.

The EFA 2000 Assessment was a major global endeavour that enabled the participating countries (i) to construct a comprehensive picture of their progress towards their own Education for All goals since the 1990 Jomtien Conference, (ii) to identify priorities and promising strategies for overcoming obstacles and accelerating progress, and (iii) to revise their national plans of action accordingly. The results proved useful for policy-makers, planners and managers both within and outside government. The Assessment process provided an opportunity to refocus attention on basic education and to reinvigorate efforts to meet basic learning needs.

Thus the Assessment was not simply a data collection exercise, nor was it aimed at merely producing a report. However, the assembly and analysis of relevant data and qualitative information constitute an essential part of the Assessment, provided the factual basis for discussion and decision.

Serving as the regional clearing house for EFA 2000 Assessment information in the region, the UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education has compiled related materials for countries in the region. These materials are arranged by case studies and themes.

For country reports related to the EFA 2000 Assessment, please visit our EFA Asia and the Pacific Regional Resource Centre.