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Pacific EFA Forum Meetings

28 and 29 January 2004 , Meeting of Ministers of Education of the Pacific to Assess Progress towards EFA Apia, Samoa

12 - 16 February 2001 Meeting, Samoa to brief Directors of Education in the 16 Pacific Member States on EFA Follow-up

What happened :

1. Three sets of EFA literature with simplified summaries distributed.

2. Discussion on requirements and how the targets can be met.

3. Contents of National Plans clarified.

4. Role of EFA forum explained.

5. Discussion ton each country's needs and the allocation of personnel to assist with the work.

6. Timeline and target dates set for 2001

7.  Agreed milestones to monitor progress set.

8.  Possible priority areas discussed.

5 - 7 March 2001, Samoa, Training workshop for National coordinators

2 - 6 April 2001, Samoa Meeting of donors and key UN agencies in the Pacific

14 - 15 May, Auckland Second EFA briefing of Pacific Education Ministers

11 - 15 June, Fiji Workshop on collection and management of educational statistics. Second training by UNESCO Institute for Statistics of oficials

13 - 17 August, Niue EFA briefing of Pacific National Commissions to UNESCO and report on progress.