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Sri Lanka and Maldives EFA Mid-Decade Assessment Planning Workshop

24-28 April 2006
Colombo, Sri Lanka


UIS Regional Advisor Ko-Chih Tung, Sri Lankan Education Minister Hon. Susil Premajayanth, UNESCO New Delhi Education Progamme Specialist Akemi Yonemura, and Sri Lanka EFA Coordinator Badra Withanage during the workshop. ©UNESCO/L.Lugo

The workshop was organized by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Education in collaboration with UNESCO New Delhi and UNESCO Bangkok's AIMS Unit - the Office of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) Regional Advisor for Asia-Pacific.
The five-day workshop allowed Sri Lanka and the Maldives to establish concrete plans for action towards their respective national assessments of EFA. These plans will set the course for in-depth sub-national studies of achievements and gaps in progress towards the six EFA goals.


Around 50 Sri Lankan education officials and representatives from other sectors involved in education, and UN and partner development agencies attended the meeting. A six-man delegation from the Maldives also attended. Both the Ministers of Education of Sri Lanka and the Maldives participated in the meeting as well as the Secretary General of the Sri Lankan National Commission for UNESCO.


The Maldives delegation led by Education Minister Hon. Zahiya Zareer with UIS Regional Director Ko-Chih Tung presenting UNESCO publications. ©UNESCO/ L.Lugo

Download workshop materials:

Please note that documents on this web page are posted for the purposes of information sharing between meeting participants and as reference for countries undertaking national mid-decade assessment of EFA plans and programmes. The materials below should be considered as draft working documents. The organizers appreciate very much your conveyance of this message should these documents be shared more widely.

List of Participants (pdf/15KB)


Day 1, 24 April 2006
Planning for National EFA Mid-Decade Assessment (ppt/592KB) - Ko-Chih Tung
EFA Mid-Decade Assessment Planning Meeting: Country Recommendations (ppt/604KB)- Leotes Marie Lugo
EFA Mid-Decade Assessment Strategic Planning Meeting: Support to Countries (ppt/133KB)- Akemi Yonemura

Status of National Planning for MDA in Sri Lanka (ppt/84KB)- Badra Withanage
Draft Framework for National EFA MDA:General Plan of Action of Maldives (ppt/59KB) - Ahmed Shafeeu
Day 2, 25 April 2006
Terms of Reference for the National EFA Mid-Decade Assessment (ppt/155KB) - Ko-Chih Tung
Proposed country-level MDA structure (ppt/70KB) - Ko-Chih Tung
Structure of the Advisory Group (ppt/35KB) - Akemi Yonemura

Timeline for National EFA Mid-Decade Assessment (ppt/138KB) - Leotes Marie Lugo

Proposed Calendar of EFA Mid-Decade Assessment Activities for Asia and the Pacific (pdf/26KB)- Leotes Marie Lugo


Day 3, 26 April 2006

Proposed Outline for EFA Goal-based National Assessment Plan (ppt/122KB)- Ko-Chih Tung
Guidelines for Planning the MDA Report content (pdf/62KB) - Ko-Chih Tung

Guidelines for Country Discussions (pdf/22KB) - Ko-Chih Tung

Day 4, 27 April 2006
Group Presentations based on group discussions on each EFA goal by workshop participants:

  Maldives (pdf/75KB)

  ECCE Sri Lanka (ppt/145KB)
  UPE Sri Lanka (ppt/119KB)
  Life Skills Sri Lanka (ppt/190KB)
  Literacy Sri Lanka (ppt/92KB)

  Gender Sri Lanka (ppt/83KB)
  Quality Sri Lanka (ppt/65KB)

Day 5, 28 April 2006
Draft Plan of Action of MDA for Sri Lanka by Badra P. Withanage, EFA Coordinator, Sri Lanka (ppt/130KB)

Speech by Aishath Shehenaz Adam, Maldives EFA Coordinator (pdf/38KB)
Highlights of the Speech by Mr. S.U. Wijerathne, Additional Secretary for Planning, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka (pdf/18KB)
Concluding  Speech on the Establishment and Institutionalization of EFA Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment function by Ko-Chih Tung, UIS Regional Advisor for Asia-Pacific (pdf/14KB) 

Highlights from the Speech of the Hon. Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Education, Sri Lanka (pdf/17KB)


Workshop Photos


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