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National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific

As the target year of 2015 for achieving Education for All (EFA) goals draws closer, it is imperative to comprehensively assess the achievements and experiences of countries since 2000, to reflect on national education policies and strategies deployed to achieve the EFA goals as well as lessons learned, and to chart the directions of future national education policy priorities and their implication for an education agenda beyond 2015. In this connection, the Final Statement of the Global Education for All Meeting (GEM) held in Paris in November 2012 has underlined the need for undertaking national and regional EFA reviews. Member States have been called upon to actively participate in the review process.

The review will be a country driven, participatory exercise, which will be open and inclusive for all Member States. The national reports will be synthesized into a regional report, which will feed into the discussions at the Global Education Forum 2015 to be held in Incheon, Republic of Korea in 2015. Thus, the review will be a retrospective self-assessment by countries of their progress and challenges as well as a forward looking exercise devoted to shaping the future of education in light of the changes that have occurred in country and globally.

At the 13th Regional Meeting of National EFA Coordinators: The Big Push held in February 2013 in Bangkok, National EFA Coordinators confirmed their willingness to participate in the reviews and requested UNESCO Bangkok to provide necessary technical support.

In order to facilitate the review process, UNESCO Education Sector has developed a guide note which may be adapted, if needed, to the country context. UNESCO Bangkok, in close collaboration with the EFA partners, including the Regional Thematic Working Group on EFA (TWG on EFA) will support Member States in carrying out their reviews.

To access national EFA 2015 review reports and past assessment reports, please visit this link:

Education for All Reviews and Assessments

Please note, some  country reports are not yet available and will be uploaded to UNESDOC as they become available.

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