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Regional Technical Feedback Workshop: National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific

Technical Feedback Workshop details

Title: Regional Technical Feedback Workshop: National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific

Dates: 29-30 April 2014

Location: Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Participants: Education statisticians, education policy analysts, Government officials, EFA partners in the region including National EFA Coordinators


Key Documents

Concept Note (pdf)

Agenda (pdf)

Information Note (pdf)


About the Feedback Workshop

The overarching goal of the workshop is to enhance country capacity to improve and finalize the national EFA reports based on feedback and inputs from experts and peers. The aim is to ensure that the national EFA reports document country progress on EFA as accurately as possible using dissaggregated data and appropriate indicators, identify enabling and hindering factors and provide inputs for regional and international debates on the post-2015 education agenda.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Provide an opportunity for country teams to share and learn from each on the review processes, data issues, methodologies, and any other issue related to the preparation of the national EFA reports;
  2. Provide technical feedback on specific components or parts of the draft national EFA 2015 review reports;
  3. Agree on the next steps for finalizing and submitting the draft reports.

Expected Results

  • Guidelines for reviewing the EFA reports developed and used;
  • Draft national EFA reports shared, reviewed and commented;
  • Feedback received and necessary revisions made on the drafts of the national EFA reports;
  • Next steps for finalizing and submitting the national EFA reports agreed upon.

Day 1 - 29 April 2014 (Tuesday)


Opening Remarks
Gwang-Jo Kim, Director, UNESCO Bangkok

Opening Remarks
Isiye Ndombi, Deputy Regional Director, UNICEF EAPRO (coming soon)

Agenda/Objective Setting: National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific/Regional Framing and Expectations
Min Bista, Coordinator, a.i., APPEAL Unit, UNESCO Bangkok

Overview of the Workshop
Min Bista, Coordinator, UNESCO Bangkok

SESSION A: Feedback and Recommendations on the first draft of the national EFA report

Overall scope and organization of the national EFA reports
Min Bista, UNESCO Bangkok

Quantitative analysis of the national EFA reports
Bertrand Tchatchoua, Regional Advisor, UNESCO Institute for Statistics/UNESCO Bangkok

Policy review of EFA progress
Gwang-Chol Chang, Chief, EPR Unit, UNESCO Bangkok

Setting the agenda of education post-2015
Ushio Miura, Programme Specialist, UNESSCO Bangkok

Setting the agenda of education post-2015
Jim Ackers, Regional Education Adviser, UNICEF EAPRO

EFA Reviews from the CSO perspective
Cecilia Soriano, ASPBAE

SESSION B: Country Experience - Achievements, Challenges, and Lessons of the National EFA 2015 Reviews

Fiji (Early Childhood Care and Education)

Bangladesh (Universal Primary Education) 

Myanmar (Life Skills and Lifelong Learning)

Indonesia (Literacy)

Nepal (Gender Equality in Education)

Republic of Korea (Quality of Education) 


SESSION C: Breakout 1 - Peer Learning: Improving the national EFA reports

Findings from the review experiences - Issues and key steps - Satoko Yano, Programme Specialist (Education), UNESCO Bangkok