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Technical Workshop: National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific

Technical Workshop details

Title: Technical Workshop: National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific

Dates: 20-22 November 2013

Location: Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22, Bangkok, Thailand

Participants: Education statisticians, education policy analysts, Government officials, EFA partners in the region including National EFA Coordinators

Key Documents

Concept Note (pdf/185KB)

Agenda (provisional - draft)

Information Note (pdf/241KB)

Guidelines - National EFA 2015 Reviews (pdf/803KB)


About the Technical Workshop

The overarching goal of the Technical Workshop on the National EFA 2015 Review is to enhance country capacity to undertake systematic reviews of national EFA progress with the aim to develop policy options for acceleration of EFA and provide inputs for national and international debates on the post-2015 education agenda.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Provide an opportunity for country teams to share and learn from each other about processes currently in place and plans made for carrying out the National EFA 2015 Review.
  2. Introduce practical methods and processes for carrying out quantitative and qualitative assessment of national EFA progress and strategies and identifying key elements that should be considered in the post-2015 education agenda, and discuss planned indicator reporting and disaggregated trend analysis.
  3. Share and seek feedback on the proposed format and content of the national and regional EFA reports.

Expected Results

  • Country EFA 2015 review processes shared
  • Capacity and understanding of quantitative and qualitative assessment of national EFA progress and strategies developed, including disaggregated trend analysis
  • Capacity to identify key elements for the post-2015 education agenda developed
  • Feedback received and agreement made on draft chapter outlines of the national and regional EFA 2015 review reports
  • Draft country work plans for the national review and disaggregated data collection prepared for the annex of the country report.

DAY 1 - 20 November 2013

Workshop Expectations - Min Bista, UNESCO Bangkok

Session 1
Global Updates: EFA 2015 Reviews - Nyi Nyi Thaung, UNESCO HQ

Session 2
Country Preparations: National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific - Min Bista, UNESCO Bangkok

Session 3
Setting the Stage: Analytical Framework for the National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific (Prezi) - Gwang-Chol Chang, UNESCO Bangkok

Analytical Framework for National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific (document)

COMPONENT I: Data Analysis and Interpretation for Assessing Progress Towards the Achievement of EFA Goals

Session 4
Introducing the Framework for Data Analysis - UIS-AIMS, UNESCO Bangkok

Country Case Presentations

  1. Fiji
  2. Republic of Korea
  3. Lao PDR
  4. Malaysia
  5. Nepal

Session 5
National EFA 2015 Review: Clarification on the Indicators (for Group Work) - Shailendra Sigdel, UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)

  1. Exercise story
  2. Quiz

Session 6
Measuring Inequalities: Focus on Methodological Approaches and Addressing Disparities - Part 1 and Part 2
Nyi Nyi Thaung, UNESCO HQ and Cliff Meyers, UNICEF EAPRO

Session 7
Parallel Country Group Work on Reporting
Guiding questions document

Parallel Group Work: EFA Partners (UNICEF, NGOs, and CSOs)
Guiding questions document

DAY 2 - 21 November 2013

Session 9
Parallel Group Work: UNESCO and UNICEF
Guiding questions document

Session 10 - Plenary
Group work presentations by EFA Goal based requirements of Chapter 2 Tracking Progress, of the national EFA 2015 review report's outline

EFA Goal 1

EFA Goal 2

EFA Goal 3

EFA Goal 4

EFA Goal 5

EFA Goal 6

Support to countries in their undertaking of the national EFA 2015 reviews

CSO presentation

UNESCO/UNICEF presentation


COMPONENT II: Review of National Education Policies, Interventions, Assessments and Strategies

Session 11
Introducing Education Policy Review and Guiding Questiosn for Policy Review - Gwang-Chol Chang and Min Bista

Session 12
Group work
Case analysis of Efaland's education system: Education Policy Review of Efaland and Guiding Questions


DAY 3 - 22 November 2013

Session 15
Presentations - case analysis of Efaland's education system

Efaland Case Analysis - Group 1

Efaland Case Analysis - Group 2

Efaland Case Analysis - Group 3

Efaland Case Analysis - Group 4

Efaland Case Analysis - Group 5

Efaland Case Analysis - Group 6

Efaland Case Analysis - Group 7

Efaland Case Analysis - Group 8


COMPONENT III: Emerging Trends and Priorities with Implications for Education Beyond 2015

Session 16
Updates on global discussions on post-2015 education agenda - Margarete Sachs-Israel, UNESCO HQs

Updates on regional discussions on post-2015 education agenda - Ushio Miura, UNESCO Bangkok

Cambodia: Post 2015 Education Agenda

Samoa: Post 2015 Education Agenda

Session 17
Looking Towards 2015 and Beyond - Gwang-Chol Chang and Ushio Miura

Refer to Day 2, Session 11 document for SWOT analysis information and exercise.

Session 18
Reflection Exercise - Countries reflection on their education system - Min Bista

Guidelines/Instructions: Reflection Exercise

Session 19
Regional 2015 review report outline - Gwang-Chol Chang

National 2015 review report outline - Min Bista

Information on the chapter outline

Session 20
Timeline of national reports, global/regional events, and country work plans - Min Bista

Timeline table and country work plan template