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Previous Issues (2013)

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 23, December 2013

In this last edition of 2013, we look back at some of our key activities in 2013 - a year of intense work across all the teams focused on issues of quality learning in the region amid discussions on the post-2015 education agenda, while working through our networks and partners for collaborative research. In reflecting on the relevance of education and learning, we realized that more should be done to promote "Learning to Live Together" (LTLT) and hope to create greater awareness with our LTLT calendar. Happy New Year 2014! 

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 22, November 2013

In this November issue, our highlight “Skills for a Better Life” reflects the research work conducted by ERI-Net on transversal competencies and also the outcome of the UNESCO-RCP workshop on transferable skills. Education policy beyond 2015 was discussed in preparation of national EFA 2015 reviews, as we look forward to the UNESCO Forum on Global Citizenship Education in December. From the country level, we bring updates from the CESR work in Myanmar, news of how Sri Lanka is promoting ‘Learning to Live Together’ and also the TVET policy review in Cambodia. Hope you find it useful.

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 21, October 2013

This month, our highlight 'Transforming Teaching and Learning' coincides with the celebration of World Teachers' Day (5 October). Other than a regional high-level expert meeting held to share the findings of country studies on pedagogical approaches beyond 2015, we also discuss the role of teachers in influencing career choices of students. Other regional events such as ERI-Net annual meeting and UNESCO-RCP workshop highlighted the importance of the holistic development of students and the teaching of transferable skills in TVET. Last but not least, don't miss the chance to submit your entries for the "Skills for a Better Life" e-Contest.

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 20, September 2013

In conjunction with International Day of Peace on 21 September, this month’s newsletter is filled with the youthful spirit of “Learning to Live Together”. With the announcement of the results for the youth image competition on the same theme, the top 30 entries were exihibited at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center in Thailand; the images are featured in an e-exhibition on UNESCO Bangkok Website. Now that the 1st NEQMAP Steering Group Meeting behind us, we look ahead to the upcoming ERI-Net meeting, the 3rd Education Beyond 2015 High Level Expert Meeting as well as the research workshop on TVET in October. Enjoy reading!

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 19, August 2013

With the UNESCO-KEDI Seminar 2013 behind us, we would like to share the outcomes and reflections in this issue of Education Policy Matters! We would also like to share with you updates on NEQMAP and UNESCO’s work in Myanmar, while announcing an E-contest for youth, the “Learning to Live Together” exhibition and ITC-ILO training course. If you can, do get involved by publicizing and participating in these events.

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 18, July 2013

This month’s highlight looks at the potential of the arts to contribute to EFA Goal 6 on ‘improving all aspects of the quality of education’ by showcasing the many different approaches to arts education within the Asia-Pacific region. The strong interest in quality is also evident through the work of OECD and IEA as they chart future directions and in Myanmar, where there is much momentum for leveraging education for peace. In this issue, we continue to welcome submissions to the LTLT Image Contest and look forward to the 2013 UNESCO-KEDI Regional Policy Seminar.

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 17, June 2013

In this issue, we share reflections and lessons from the Training Workshop on Education Policy Formulation and Monitoring held last month. This includes an interview with a participant and a write-up on the field trip to several education institutions in Nakhon Pathom Province (Thailand). We would also like to share about educational development in the region – a high-level policy dialogue in Lao PDR, together with the innovative work of the Mechai Viravaidya Foundation and the Quality Learning Foundation in Thailand. We hope you enjoy reading this issue of Education Policy Matters!, and also our two newly launched publications on policy matters.

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 16, May 2013

Effective financial planning and adequate (and sustainable) financing is critical to the success of any education system. And yet for many countries of the Asia-Pacific, improving education finance is an important, but complicated issue. This week, we look at a few challenges behind financing education. We interview Education Policy Reform (EPR) Unit Chief, Gwang-Chol Chang, we review National Education Accounts in Thailand and we even take time out this week to run a Training Workshop on Education Policy Formulation and Monitoring in Asia-Pacific! Happy Reading!

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 15, April 2013

It's well known that improving student learning in the Asia-Pacific is critical. But HOW? This month, we focus on learning assessment in the Asia-Pacific as UNESCO Bangkok unveils a new platform on quality learning. We interview Dr Esther Sui-Chu Ho on regional assessment trends and we look to how TVET is being assessed. In addition, learn about our training course on education policy formulation and monitoring, 'transversal/non-cognitive skills' in schools, confronting 'shadow education' and the wonderful work of Thailand's Quality Learning Foundation. 

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 14, March 2013

A topic of increasing concern in the region, the highlight of this issue is transversal skills, often referred to as non-cognitive, 21st century or transferable skills and competencies. Also, we are pleased to present the outcomes of a regional consultation on education in the post-2015 development agenda. In addition, we would like to announce that the user guide for Education Policy and Strategy Simulation Model (EPSSim) has been published and is now available online.  We hope you will make use of it to support hands-on learning experiences.

Education Policy Matters! Issue no. 13, February 2013

February is a short month filled with several major activities including the EFA coordinators’ meeting and the regional thematic consultation on education in the post-2015 development agenda. Equity and quality learning have been subject to intense debate among policy makers and practitioners. A few publications with recommendations for the future of education and learning were launched. We also call for your participation in the "Six Word Slogan Competition" via our UNESCO Asia Pacific Twitter. Hurry to share your idea!

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 12, January 2013

Warm greetings for the New Year!  First of all, a big thanks to those who completed our recent survey! Your feedback will help us improve "Education Policy Matters!" Our January edition looks at comparative education, a growing area of importance in academic research with much focus here at UNESCO and much happening in the region. It's time to get comparative!

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