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Previous Issues (2011-2012)

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 11, December 2012

Before the year end, various important events were held to review the progress of internationally-agreed development goals, to discuss the future of education and learning and to pave the ways for education development and cooperation beyond 2015. Youth and skills development have been at the centre of concerns and discussions. This issue highlights the outcomes of the second high-level regional expert meeting on "Education Beyond 2015" and presents related activities, publications and resources. For further improvement of our e-newsletters in 2013, we include an online questionnaire for your feedback. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you every success and happiness in the coming New Year!

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 10, November 2012

November has been packed with activities from the 16th APEID International Conference "The Heart of Education: Learning to Live Together" to the regional high-level expert meeting, “Beyond 2015: Rethinking Learning  in a Changing World” to Youth Peace Ambassador Training Workshops.  In fact, youth feature prominently this month through our regional film/article contest "Better Learning, Better Life!”  As we revisit the 1996 Delors Report “Learning: the Treasure Within”, we are reminded that learning to live together indeed remains at the heart of education.  Enjoy Reading!

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 9, October 2012

With World Teachers' Day celebrated this month, this edition focuses on teachers and teaching! We look to UNESCO and development partners' joint message on teachers, to recent discussion on the status of teachers and to ongoing debate on improving indicators on teachers and teaching. “Food for Thought” this month looks into the experience of  Shanghai, China, where reduced teaching time has led to improved student learning. We also celebrate the anticipated launch of the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2012 this month. Time to get reading! 

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 8, September 2012 

This September edition carries some reflection on systems approach in education, globally and at the country level. The remarkable event this month is the launch of the UN Secretary General's “Education First” Initiative. Education reform drive in Myanmar and an innovative project in Mongolia to improve quality of learning are showcased. Importantly, UNESCO is launching a regional e-contest on the learning of young people. Please join!

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 7, August 2012 

Welcome to the ‘Education Policy Matters!’ August edition on Education Policy and Migration. In this edition, we learn about the impact of migration on education from regional experts, the work of community groups in championing the rights of migrant children to quality education and are challenged to consider: how can we respond to increasing migration flows within the Asia-Pacific? Happy reading!

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 6, July 2012 

Comparative education can bring valuable contribution to policy dialogue, development and reform in an education system through learning from practices and experiences of other countries. In this edition, we focus on UNESCO’s activities in the field of comparative education, including its participation in the 8th CESA Conference, the launch of the UNESCO Chair in Comparative Education and the collaborative partnership in education policy research (ERI-Net).

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 5, June 2012 

Welcome to Education Policy Matters! In this issue, we highlight UNESCO’s involvement at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, we look to regional  good practices in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and we look critically at how to address sustainability issues in “food for thought”. Happy reading! 

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 4, May 2012 

Welcome to our e-newsletter, Education Policy Matters! This edition focus on education for the future, following UNESCO's recent regional high-level expert meeting "Towards EFA 2015 and Beyond: Shaping a New Vision of Education". Also captured in this edition: Sir John Daniel's speech of open education; UNESCO work with the Malaysian Ministry of Education on Malaysia Education Policy Review; progress on a comprehensive education sector review in Myanmar; the heart of aid effectiveness in education; and UNESCO Bangkok Director's thoughts on new vision of education in our region. Happy reading! 

Education Policy Matters, Issue no. 3, April 2012 

Welcome back to our newsletter "Education Policy Matters!" The highlight of this edition is Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Read about UNESCO policy review and reform activities in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia and Myanmar, challenging perspectives on TVET in "Food for Thought" and find useful publications, online resources and networks below. TVETastic! 

EPR E-Newsletter, Issue no. 2, March-April 2011 

The second issue of the e-Newsletter on Education Policy and Reform (EPR) in Asia-Pacific presents events and activities occurred in March and April 2011 such as training for building capacity for sustainable education policy and development in Tongka and Kiribati; the10th Meeting of the High-Level Group on EFA in Jomtien, Thailand; and expert meeting addressing challenges in financing secondary education in Asia and Pacific. 

EPR E-Newsletter, Issue no. 1, February 2011

To start with, the first issue presents articles and links pertaining to a range of activities carried out by UNESCO Bangkok in the field of education policy and management.

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