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UNESCO Bangkok (Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education) is pleased to announce the nominations for the Asia-Pacific Film/Article Contest "Skills for a Better Life," organized from August to December 2013 for the teachers and young people residing in Asia and the Pacific region. Please visit here to know more about the results. >>More


There is increasing emphasis on the need to foster the formation of 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, entrepreneurial skills, self-motivation and intercultural understanding among young people globally in order to enable them to adapt to a rapidly changing world. In Asia-Pacific, many education systems are recognizing this importance and are shifting their learning goals beyond students merely attaining theoretical knowledge and academic skills.

So how to promote the development of these critical skills for a better life in the future? This is the question that UNESCO Bangkok and Tokyo Institute of Technology would like to ask youth across Asia-Pacific to answer as part of a collaborative research study on “21st century skills”.

This e-contest aims to hear directly from you about the innovative ideas and practices you are taking on to develop these “skills for a better life” in your schools and beyond. This is your chance to share your views, get creative, speak your mind, and make it count!


Deadline: 15 December 2013

This contest is open to all ‘young people’ and 'teachers' who reside in Asia and the Pacific. Collaborative approaches between students and teachers are highly encouraged.

Entries can be made in two types of submission: A: Video/Film; B: Written article.

Only one entry per type may be submitted on behalf of a single individual or organisation. Please note: contestants cannot win in both types (video/film and written article).



• Up to three minutes in length and of high quality

• For English applications, any spoken text in languages other than English should be accompanied with English subtitles.

• Must include a credit section acknowledging all those involved in the production and any clips/music developed by an outside party

If you are to use any clips and/or music published by an outside party, you must obtain explicit written permission for the use of such material in your video. Please provide UNESCO with proof of permission upon your submission.

Submit your video online at or similar services and send the shared link to

Or submit your DVD via post to:

UNESCO Bangkok
Education Policy and Reform Unit
920 Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong, Klongtoey
Bangkok 10110, Thailand



• 1,000 words maximum

• Reference all cited passages

• Format must be in an electronic form (e.g. pdf, doc...)

Please email to or post to us at the same address above.



Winners from each type of submission will receive a digital video recorder (for Type A) or an ebook reader (for Type B) respectively with an unique opportunity to be featured widely in UNESCO media.


For more details and registration form, please contact the Skill for a Better Life Team, UNESCO Bangkok