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Education Research Institutes Networks in the Asia-Pacific: ERI-Net was established by UNESCO Bangkok (Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education) in 2009 to facilitate regional collaboration among education research institutions (including universities and think-tanks) in education policy issues relevant to the region.


ERI-Net aims to:

  • Generate new knowledge to support innovative and evidence-based policy making in education.
  •  Provide a platform for international cooperation and the exchange of experiences and best practices.
  • Document and consolidate research findings on important developments in education.
  • Promote an intra-regional and holistic perspective on education policy.


ERI-Net Research Scope

ERI-Net takes a sector-wide perspective and its research scope includes all education sectors: from primary education to higher education and TVET.


Past Research Topics

Since 2009, the ERI-Net Secretariat, housed at UNESCO Bangkok, has coordinated with ERI-Net members and organized annual seminars. There is a significant expansion of membership from 2009 (31 members from 12 countries) to 2015 (184 members from 19 countries) 

ERI-Net members have explored a number of issues of relevance to the Asia-Pacific, such as: the impacts of the Global Financial Crisis on higher education (2010); international student mobility in the region (2011); the transition from secondary education to higher education, and the integration of transversal competencies (or 21st century skills) in education policy and practice (2013, 2014 & 2015).


Recent ERI-Net Activities

The 2016 ERI-Net Regional Expert Meeting on Harnessing the Power of Research to Achieve SDG4-Education 2030: Bangkok (22-24 November 2016)

The 2016 ERI-Net Annual Meeting: Tokyo, Japan (22-24 February 2016)

The 2015 ERI-Net Expert Meeting for School Education Group: Bangkok, Thailand (20-21 April 2015)

The 2014 ERI-Net Annual Meeting: Hangzhou, China (26-28 November 2014)

The 2014 ERI-Net Expert Meeting on Academic Promotion of Higher Education Teaching Personnel: Penang, Malaysia (20-21 May 2014)


Latest ERI-Net Publications

2015 Regional Study on Transversal Competencies in Education Policy and Practice (Preparing and Supporting Teachers in the Asia-Pacific to Meet the Challenges of 21st Century Learning: Regional Synthesis Report)

2014 Regional Study on Transversal Competencies in Education Policy and Practice (School and Teaching Practices for Twenty First Century Challenges: Lessons from the Asia-Pacific Region)

The Transition from Secondary Education to Higher Education: Case Studies from Asia and the Pacific

2013 Regional Study on Transversal Competencies in Education Policy and Practice