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ERI-Net Seminar 2011

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The ERI-Net Seminar in 2011 focused on (1) sharing and discussing the research results according to the framework set out in 2010 on International Student Mobility, and (2) developing the research frameworks for two new topics, namely: (a) Public-Private Partnerships in Higher Education and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and (b) the Question of Youth Employment: Innovative Approaches to Human Resource Development.

More specifically, the objectives of the seminar were to:

  • Present the findings of the research studies;
  • Seek responses to the findings from policy makers, researchers and stakeholders on how to address the issues;
  • Discuss the implications of these studies for policy, planning and management of higher education in the respective countries;
  • Develop research frameworks for two new topics;
  • Outline follow-up actions; and
  • Expand ERI-Net.

 The expected outcomes of the seminar were:

  • Research studies on the international mobility of students presented;
  • Recommendation based on the results of the research studies shared with policy makers;
  • Research frameworks for two new topics developed and researchers identified for each topic;
  • Potential action plans and follow-up activities identified;
  • Publications of papers presented; and
  • ERI-Net expanded. 

Participants included:

  • Higher education institution administrators, academicians and researchers;
  • Policy makers and government officials;
  • Representatives from international organizations and educational institutions.