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Globalization and Education

Globalization and Education Working Group Meeting 

On 30-31 October 2014, UNESCO Bangkok in collaboration with the German Institute of International Education Research (DIPF) and the Center for Research on Educational Testing (CRET)/ Bennesse Corporation, organized the first working group meeting on Globalization and Education. At the meeting, experts from around the globe discussed the current and future implications of globalization, as well as what these trends and challenges mean to an increasingly globalized education. Central to the discussions was the concept of "global competence" and how this concept has been, is, and should be framed.

Objectives of the Working Group:

  • identify potential challenges and risks of globalization from non-education perspective
  • identify how education systems can effectively implement and deliver emerging skills and competencies
  • develop assessment frameworks to monitor and evaluate progress

Expected Outcomes:

  • Organize three workshops in 2015 to address a) globalization b) globalization and education c) global competence assessment
  • Carry out a 1 year preparatory study for a longer-term research and development programme
  • Develop a 7-year priority program 


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