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Knowledge Sharing Presentations

Monitoring and Evaluation in Education: From EFA to Education 2030

Ms. Lina Benete, Assistant Programme Specialist, UNESCO Bangkok

Collection and Analysis of Educational Statistics Data for the Era of Big Data: From the perspective of SDG 4 M&E System

Dr. Hunam Lim, Director, Center for Educational Statistics, KEDI

Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, the Data Revolution, and Education 2030: the case of Cambodia 

Dr. Nary Tao, Deputy Program Director, Faculty of Education, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 & Education 2030: Towards Effective Monitoring and Evaluation 

Dr. Ahmad Rafee Che Kassim, Deputy Director, Educational Planning and Research Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia

Dr. Akbariah Mohd Mahdzir, Senior Lecturer, University of Teknologi Malaysia

Monitoring & Evaluation and Data System of Myanmar

Mr. Aung Than, Staff Officer, Planning and Statistics Division, Ministry of Education Myanmar

Monitoring and Evaluation System in Nepal 

Mr. Krishna Prasad Dhungana, Under Secretary, Monitoring and Evaluation Section, Ministry of Education Nepal

Palau - North Pacific Education System

Mr. Keizy Shiro, Database Management Specialist, Division of Research and Evaluation, Ministry of Education Palau

Education System of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Mr. Marufjon Vakhobov, Deputy Chief, Department of Training and Education in General Secondary Schools, Ministry of Public Education Uzbekistan

Group Policy Recommendations

Group 1 - Palau and KEDI

Group 2 - Cambodia, Malaysia, KEDI

Group 3 - Uzbekistan and KEDI

Group 4 - Myanmar, Malaysia, KEDI

Group 5 - Nepal and KEDI

KEDI Educational Statistics Workshop

Efforts to Produce and Disseminate Reliable National Education Statistics

Sung Bin Moon, Research Fellow, Center for Educational Statistics, KEDI

Use of Educational Statistics for Policymaking

Sungho Park, Research Fellow, Center for Educational Statistics, KEDI

Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Educational Statistics Survey System

Jaemin Park, Program Specialist, Center for Educational Statistics, KEDI

Higher Educational Statistics Survey System

Reaah Park, Assistant, Center for Educational Statistics, KEDI

Statistics on Employment of Higher Education Degree-Holders

Kijun Lee, Program Specialist, Center for Educational Statistics, KEDI