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EPR Resources

EPR resources contains useful references, tools and documents for education sector policy and reform.

EPR Publications 

Publications produced by the Education Policy and Reform Unit, UNESCO Bangkok  include thematic reports and series of publications on comparative case studies and policy review in different aspects of education systems in Asia Pacific region. 

Asia-Pacific Education System Review Series

The Asia-Pacific Education System Review Series has been developed aiming to summarize what is known, based on research, about selected contemporary policy issues relating to the national education systems of countries in the Asia and Pacific region.

Education Policy Research Series 

The Education Policy Research Series includes discussion documents aiming to contribute to the debate around pressing education policy issues in Asia and the Pacific, thereby supporting education policy reform in Member States. The series also contributes to the knowledge base of UNESCO Bangkok on education policy and reform issues.

Training Materials 

EPR has over time developed training materials to be used in several short training courses and workshops on education sector analysis, policy, planning and management.   

Education System Profiles

A portal of education system profiles contains snapshots of education sector, major challenges, education-related statistics of countries in Asia and Pacific region as well as links to legislation and policy documents

Tools and Handbooks

A range of  practical tools and handbooks developed by UNESCO for education policy analysis, planning and management are recommended such as: