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EPR Publication Series

This section contains publications on education planning, comparative case studies on education systems and policy reviews. These series of publications are produced by Education Policy and Reform (EPR) Unit, UNESCO Bangkok.

Secondary Education Regional Information Base Series

The publications  in this series provide basic information on the status and functioning of secondary education in selected countries of the Asia-Pacific region in a user-friendly format.   

Users will find answers to such questions as:

- Is secondary education free and compulsory?
- How has the enrolment evolved over the last 30 years?
- What geographical disparities exist in access?
- What qualifications are required to become secondary teachers?
- What are the recent policies and reforms in secondary education? 

All country profiles follow the same structure, and consist of sections on descriptive information and statistics

Twelve country profiles published in this series include: 

The most recent data/information included within the publications were collected with collaboration of relavant offices/departments of the ministries responsible for secondary education in the countries.  The statistics presented were from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and national sources.  

The Secondary Education Regional Information Base: Country Profiles were developed under the Secondary Education Policy Research in Asia Project (SEPRA).  Please refer to the SEPRA website.  Limited printed copies of the country profiles are still available, please contact EPR.

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