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Training Materials

Building and developing national capacity and institutions to analyze, plan and manage education systems is crucial for achieving Education for All. It is also crucial to achieve the Millennium Development and other national development goals. EPR's work has evolved with and helped to facilitate countries' many stages of education development. Over time, we have developed and delivered training courses and workshops for Member States to support national capacity and institutional development for better education policy formulation, sector planning and management. 

Workshops and courses range from 2 days to 3 weeks covering a comprehensive range of critical topics such as implications of public sector management reform on the education sector; new trends and forms of government - donor cooperation (SWAp, PRSP, budget support, MTEF) leading to new requirement for donor coordination for education development; concepts, methods and tools for education sector planning in decentralized country contexts; data and statistics for education planning and monitoring; education sector analysis. 

Workshops and courses are designed to provide not only an understanding of the issues involved in education sector policy, planning and management but also hands-on skills in the use of policy, planning and management tools to help improve the individual and institutional capacity in planning and management. 

Some materials developed for recent trainings and workshops are: