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This page presented the collection of articles in the column " Highlight" in different issues of our e-newsletter "Education Policy Matters!"

Rethinking Learning for the Future in the Asia-Pacific 

Education systems for the future must equip young people with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to function in rapidly changing societies and labour markets, a high-level regional expert meeting discussed. » Read the full story

Beyond 2015 – Education for the Future

UNESCO Bangkok, Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, has been active to stimulate region-wide reflections and consultations on the future of education and the post-2015 agenda through a series of regional dialogues and research activities. » Read the full story

We’re All in this Together: Generations Serving Generations

Jane Angelis from Generations Serving Generations and Christopher Foulkes from UNESCO Bangkok share their view on the role of older generations in education today and in the future as well as their perspectives on learning to live together. » Read the full story

Findings from a Desk Review on Learning to Live Together 

Learning to Live Together desk study unveiled! We reviewed 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region and analysed how their education systems promote learning to live together in policy documents.» Read the full story

How Education Can Help Us Learn to Live Together?

Youth from across the Asia-Pacific gathered at the Fifth UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador Training Workshop in Bangkok and shared their thoughts on how education can help us all learn to live together. » Read the full story

"Learning to Live Together" in the Hong Kong Education System

Professor Kerry Kennedy, Hong Kong Institute of Education, shares his view on “learning to live together” in the education system of Hong Kong, China, and his opinions about the 1996 Delors Report. » Read the full story

"No Education System is Better than Its Teachers" 

While the teaching profession has traditionally been highly regarded in most countries of the Asia-Pacific region, some argue that the reputation of teachers and teaching profession is in decline… Indeed, teacher shortage has become a serious challenge.  » Read the full story

Experts Meet and Advance the International Dialogue on Teachers 

“De-professionalizing teaching profession and the effects of global financial crisis on education personnel were the overriding themes of the 11th Session of the Committee of Experts on the Application of the Recommendation concerning Teachers (CEART). » Read the full story

The Importance of Indicators on Teachers and Teaching 

Improving the statistics on teacher and building a collective indicator framework for teachers and teaching were central to a recent global expert meeting hosted by UNESCO Institue for Statistics and the International Task Force on Teachers for EFA. » Read the full story

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