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This page presented the collection of articles in the column " Highlight" in different issues of our e-newsletter "Education Policy Matters!"

Decoding Complexity of the Education System

The education sector is a ‘system’ that moves along in an interactive and interdependent manner to achieve certain results. Policy interventions at one end of the system can fail if made in isolation without considering other parts. » Read the full story

Systems-Approach in Malaysia Education Reform

The ‘systems-approach’ has been well-acknowledged in the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025. The Ministry of Education reviewed carefully the suggestions of stakeholders and integrated them into the Blueprint.» Read the full story

UNESCO Bangkok Expands Online Education System Profiles 

Following a successful launch in December 2011, UNESCO Bangkok has expanded its Education System Profiles (ESPs) in the Asia-Pacific region to now include six additional countries as well as a range of new features and functions. » Read the full story

The Impact of Migration on Education: KEDI Expert Speaks Out 

Following the 2012 UNESCO-KEDI Seminar, Dr Hyunsook Yu speaks openly about migration, student mobility and the implications for education: "Education must help migrant children overcome potential disadvantages – this is important." » Read the full story

Challenges for Education in the Age of Migration  

Two experts, Dr. Christine Inglis of the University of Sydney, Australia and Dr. Binod Khadria of Jawaharlal Nehru University, India shared knowledge and lessons drawn from the implications of migration on education in their respective countries. » Read the full story

Beyond Access, Quality Education for Migrant Children?

The Foundation for Rural Youth and the Sanjao Haonukul School in Bangkhuntien District of Bangkok champion and work to guarantee the right to quality education for migrant children from neighbouring countries, with support from local residents» Read the full story 

Highlight: Issue 6, July 2012

Education in the Age of Quality and Sustainability 

UNESCO Bangkok education specialists presented three key partnerships in analytical research at the CESA 2012 Conference: 1) rethinking education; 2) decoding education system performance (SABER); and 3) teaching for what? » Read the full story

UNESCO Chair in Comparative Education Launched in Hong Kong 

Professor Mark Bray, Director of the Comparative Education Research Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong has been appointed UNESCO Chair in Comparative Education at an official launch ceremony.» Read the full story

ERI-Net: UNESCO’s Partnership with Research Community

The Education Research Institutes Network in the Asia-Pacific (ERI-Net), established by UNESCO Bangkok in 2009, aims to enhance exchange of experience, information and expertise in education policy research and contribute to policy dialogue ... » Read the full story 

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