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Capacity Building for EFA Planning and Implementation

Building and developing national institutional capacities to plan and manage education systems is crucial for achieving the Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals.

The Education Policy and Reform (EPR) Unit works closely with national and international partners at both central and decentralized level to support capacity building and development in modernization of education sector planning and management.

The essential themes covered include:

  • Implications of public sector reform (decentralization, policy reform, public finance management) for the education sector;
  • New trends and forms of government-donor cooperation (budget support, SWAp, PRSP, MTEF) leading to new requirements for donor coordination for education development; and
  • Concepts, methods and tools for modern education sector planning in decentralized country contexts.

Whatever the activity, whether in the form of technical advisory mission, training course or opeational research; the approach is to focus on relationship: policy-planning-budgeting-implementation monitoring of the national education system.


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