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Capacity Building for Provincial and District Level Education Planning and Budgeting in Laos

From 3 to 8 April 2006, UNESCO Bangkok's Education Policy and Reform(EPR) Unit conducted a training workshop,  in cooperation with the Lao PDR Ministry of Education, on Capacity Building for Provincial and District Level Education Planning and Budgeting. 

The workshop was part of an EPR capacity building project being implemented with the Lao PDR Ministry of Education, which supports education decentralization and the introduction of a sector-wide approach (SWAP), articulated around the National EFA Plan. 

UNESCO supports the Ministry of Education in the design of technical approaches and instruments to standardize education planning processes at decentralized levels.  It strengthens the technical know-how of Provincial Education Services to develop medium-term and annual education plans and budgets.

Twelve officials from the Lao PDR Ministry of Education (Departments of Planning and Cooperation, General Education, Teacher Training, Personnel, Finance) and Provincial Education Services took part in the workshop. 

The workshop focused on training participants to utilize the Lao PDR Projection and Analysis Model (LANPRO-Model), which is designed for decentralized planning and resource implication assessment.  Through hands-on training, the participants completed several examples of provincial plans using the model. 

A set of training materials and a glossary of technical terms, in English and in Lao languages were the additional results of the workshop.  The workshop also reviewed the draft translation of the Handbook for Decentralized Eduction Planning (UNESCO, 2005) into Lao, which is due to be published and disseminated across the country.

For further information, please contact the EPR unit.

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