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Support to Iran on Provincial Plannig for EFA Plan Implementation

Intensive Training Workshop on Decentralized Implementation of the National EFA Plan for Iranian Education Officials, 4-16 July 2005

The UNESCO Cluster Office, Tehran and the UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, in Bangkok joined forces to prepare and conduct an intensive training workshop for a core group of Iranian education officials at the UNESCO Bangkok Office from 4 to 16 July 2005.


The workshop was organized upon a request from the Chairman of the Higher Education Council, Iran Mininistry of Education for UNESCO's support in capacity building in EFA Plan Implementation after the National Education for All Plan was adopted in early 2005 by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The training aimed to familiarize the core group of 17 Iranian officials with modern planning approaches and to train them to use the Analysis and Projection (ANPRO) Model in decentralized education planning.  The workshop was carried out interactively with a number of practical exercises concerned with essential planning phases: situational analysis, target setting and an assessment of resource implications.  The hands-on work was rendered effectively with provision of one computer for two participants and tutored by one international expert per four participants. 


During the training workshop, the participants and international experts together developed an Iran-specific planning tool, the so-called the ANPRO-IRAN Model.  This tool can elaborate Iran-specific education planning materials to be used by the Ministry of Education and the Management and Planning Office for building education planning capacity in the provinces.  The model will ease the Provincial Education Organizations in the preparation of provincial medium-term education plans aimed at implementing the National Education for All Plan.


The ANPRO Model was used as a principal tool in the workshop. It was recently developed by UNESCO Bangkok.  The Handbook for Decentralized Education Planning which demonstrates the use of the model in modern planning, has also been published by UNESCO Bangkok for education planners in the Asia Pacific Region.


Visited Thai Ministry of Education


With the courtesy of the Thai Ministry of Education, UNESCO Bangkok arranged a visit to the Bureau of Policy and Strategy, Office of Permanent Secretary for the Iranian education officials as part of the training programme.  The Thai senior officials shared their experiences regarding the implementation of the Thai education reform over the past 4 years.  


The Iranian core group also learned about the new education management information system, currently being developed in the ICT Bureau under the Office of Permanent Secretary where overall education statistical information can be obtained. [contact us for details]


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