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Course Materials

Training Course on Decentralized Education Planning in the Context of Public Sector Management Reform

The course materials aim at developing conceptual understanding and practical skills of essential features of decentralized education planning and plan implementation.  The materials which are presented on this website can be utilized as training materials for a range of topics related to modernization of education sector planning and management.

The course materials should be read in conjunction with the session plan, as this will give full reference to the themes, not only in terms of the available items but also in terms of the outcomes that are supposed to be reached through the different but related themes.

The materials are presented by session indicating orders of sessions and titles.  The course outline and session plan includes the materials associated with each

Each item is identified by its name, which is coded to indicate the following:

  • Item type (whether it is a paper, a worksheet, a power point presentation, or a reference document).
  • The session number to indicate the sequence of presentations for self-study, for example, an item with a numbering code of 3 in the name relates to the third session in the sequence.
  • Item title, for example, "SWAP-Concepts and Applications".

The materials comprise background papers, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and forms, and references covering six essential themes related to education sector reform including:

  • An overview of major trends in public sector management reforms affecting the education sector (decentralization, policy reform, sector financing).
  • New forms of government-donor cooperation (donor coordination for education development, SWAp, Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).
  • Concepts, methods and tools for modern education sector planning in decentralized country contexts.
  • Information base for modern education sector planning and management.
  • An introduction and practical exercises in the use of a Projection and Analysis Model for education sector planning.
  • An overview of education-related cross-cutting themes essential for Millennium Development Goals-based planning at country level.