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Recommended Publications

This page presented the collection of publications recommended via different issues of our e-newsletter "Education Policy Matters!"

This report examines how Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea and Singapore designed their educational policies.» more

The paper presents a range of conflict prevention initiatives and the role of policy-makers in restoring peace, » more

This guide provides practical tips to analyze situations of exclusion in education and to review existing policies. » more

Publications: Issue 7, August 2012

This book looks at the educational attainment of immigrant children and how to improve it, drawing on results from PISA. » more

The paper discusses current approaches and possible future actions for educational development at national and international levels. » more

This publication presents the latest key statistics on development issues concerning the economies of Asia-Pacific countries. » more

Publications: Issue 6, July 2012

The first report of the UN Task Team with recommendations for the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda. » more

This series of 12 education policy booklets was designed for busy decision makers in Ministry of Education. » more

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