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Recommended Publications

This page presented the collection of publications recommended via different issues of our e-newsletter "Education Policy Matters!"

Martin Westwell's Presentation at UNESCO meeting on Beyond 2015: Rethinking Learning in a Changing World » more

This report was created by an independent editorial group comprising 12-young people from around the world.» more

UIS's 2012 Global Education Digest Report has a core emphasis on dropout rates and grade repetitions.» more

This Report provides foundational ideas, principles and directions for rethinking education.» more

This publication is prepared by Education Above All in response to the UN call for education that fosters “Global Citizenship.”» more

This book provides guidance in planning, carrying out and learning from the evaluation of peace-building activities.»more

Publications: Issue 9, October 2012

Shanghai Consensus: Recommendations of the 3rd International Congress on Technical and Vocational Education and Training » more

Thr Report examined how skills development can boost young people’s opportunities for decent jobs.» more

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