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Recommended Publications

This page presented the collection of publications recommended via different issues of our e-newsletter "Education Policy Matters!"

Publications: Issue 5, June 2012

This publication reflects UNESCO's vision in sustainable development. " more

This document captures the key points of discussion during a three-day regional high-level expert meeting organized by UNESCO in May 2012. »more

This booklet contains an overview of learning assessments in the Asia-Pacific region » more

Publications: Issue 4, May 2012

This booklet analyzes the information systems on school-to-work transition in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region. » more

This guidebook provides introduction to OER for interested readers. » more

Publications: Issue 3, May 2012

The booklet provides a framework for understanding decentralizing financing in education, looking at Asian country experiences, and challenges. » more

McKinsey & Company analyze 20 systems from around the world, examining how each has achieved significant, sustained, and widespread gains in student outcomes » more

The paper examines the normative impact of PISA by investigating how, and the extent to which, national policy actors use PISA in policies and practices » more

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