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Higher Education Policy Debate

Sustaining the debate on WCHE policies and strategies
In convening the World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE), UNESCO reaffirmed its strong commitment to fostering the development of higher education and research that was first stated fifty years ago in the Constitution of the Organization.

The long-term outcome of the Conference will be the efficient and effective renovation and renewal of higher education systems and institutions based on the principles of relevance and quality, and with a commitment to enhanced international co-operation and academic solidarity.  Contact with head of states, Ministers of Education and Higher Education and delegates to UNESCO has shown clearly that they have already started to utilize these documents in the implementation of reforms in higher education.

The 21st century is an opportunity for action, for the execution of projects, for developing international co-operation based on solidarity and the building of an equitable society, in particular through research, training of specialists and community projects aiming at eliminating poverty, violence, illiteracy, hunger, intolerance, environmental degradation and disease, and the development of a culture of peace.

Much now depends on the dynamism of the coalition of all those - individuals and institutions - involved in the process of change in higher education. UNESCO took the responsibility of launching the process which culminated with the World Conference. UNESCO is making its best efforts to ensure an efficient follow-up, jointly with higher education authorities, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations interested in higher education.

Regional Activities

The UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education has made deliberate efforts to sustain and extend the debate on WCHE declarations, recommendations and suggestions. These efforts include periodic sessions of the Regional WCHE Follow-up Committee.


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