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Pregnant adolescents: delivering on global promises of hope (World Health Organization, 2006)

This document is designed to draw the attention of policy makers and managers to the need to improve care for pregnant adolescents, both inside and outside the health care system.

Philippines: Teenage pregnancies and pre-marital sex alarming in Southern Leyte (Samar News, 1 Oct 2006)  Rampant teenage pregnancies and pre-marital sex occurrences alarm the provincial government in Southern Leyte, Philippines.

Obstetrics and perinatal outcomes of Thai pregnant adolescents: a retrospective study (International Journal of Nursing Studies – 2006)  This study compared pregnancy outcomes in females aged 19 and younger with those of women aged 20-34 years. The comparative study revealed that, compared to the adult mothers, teenage mothers were less likely to make the first prenatal visit in their first trimester, to have adequate prenatal care, and cesarean sections.   

Readiness, willingness and ability to use contraception in Bangladesh (Asia-Pacific Population Journal – 2006)  This study has established that most women now want to control their fertility and consider fertility control as normatively acceptable, as well as convenient, in terms of availability/accessibility and cost.  

“Sexual behaviour and condom use among unmarried young men in Cambodia”
(AIDS Care – 2006)

This paper describes the sexual behavior of 665 unmarried men aged 15-24, and explores factors associated with condom use at last intercourse. Of all sexually active respondents, half reported three or more partners, and 71% used a condom at last sex. Results showed that condom use varied by type of partner, was less likely among males outside the education system, and higher among those more positive and informed about condoms.

Family planning: A global handbook for providers (WHO, USAID, John Hopkins)  This book serves as a quick reference resource for all levels of health care workers.  Through an organised collaborative process, experts from around the world have come to a consensus on practical guidance that reflects the best available scientific evidence.

Safer sex and contraception (Family Planning Victoria) This website offers a range of information on contraceptives, sexuality, relationships and STI's.