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Building knowledge about HIV and AIDS: an interactive course

Building knowledge about HIV and AIDS: an interactive course for educators is a self-access e-learning course primarily designed for people who are involved in educating young people in both formal and informal educational settings. This course aims to build a broad knowledge base on HIV and AIDS. Learners will gain an in-depth understanding of the scientific, social, behavioural and health-related aspects of HIV and AIDS. By the end of the course, learners should fully understand the links between the factors that continue to drive HIV and AIDS and those influencing the experiences of people living with HIV and AIDS.

This e-learning course is designed to inform, engage and challenge users, yet it is still a fun, user-friendly and interactive learning resource for learners with basic English proficiency and computer ability. Learners will be able to study at their own pace, and can go back at any time to revise topics or explore them in more depth. The course consists of five modules with the following subjects:  The basic science of HIV and AIDS; HIV prevention and risk reduction for young people; The global impact of HIV and AIDS over 30 years; Living positively with HIV; and HIV and AIDS education in and beyond the school setting.

A course CD-ROM was developed to accommodate learners who do not have access to the Internet.  Please write to the HIV and AIDS Clearinghouse to get more information about the CD-ROM.

Project Background

This initiative is being funded by Japanese Funds-In-Trust (JFIT). The goal of the project is ensure that a wider cross section of pre-service and in-service teachers in the Asia Pacific region utilize JFIT-supported teacher training materials on HIV and AIDS, especially the new interactive HIV and AIDS e-learning course entitled Building knowledge about HIV and AIDS:  an interactive course for educators.   The specific objectives of the project are to: 
·         create an interactive, user-friendly HIV and AIDS e-learning course that can be widely accessed through the internet or through CD-ROM for those who have unreliable or limited internet access
·         ensure that teacher populations with relatively high English proficiency know about the new e-learning course and where and how to access it
·         increase the ability of teachers with relatively high English proficiency to effectively integrate HIV preventive education into their day-to-day teaching and the school curriculum and to effectively deliver the same to school children

This e-course has been adapted in several countries such as Cambodia, China, Kazakhstan, and Nepal.

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