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HIV/AIDS Advocacy Toolkit for  Ministries of Education
Project Description  

Scaling up HIV/AIDS-related Advocacy Efforts
in Ministries of Education in Asia and the Pacific

In 2002, UNESCO Bangkok developed an advocacy kit targeted at middle- and senior level officials of Ministries of Education, aimed at the promotion of HIV/AIDS preventive education and increasing awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the education sector in South East Asia. The project was implemented with funds granted by UNAIDS.

The advocacy kit includes comprehensive information as well as presentation and evaluation tools on the nature and transmission of HIV/AIDS, HIV prevalence in the world and Asia, impact of the pandemic on educational systems, the need for preventive and life skills education and ways to facilitate the latter, and information on international treaties and commitments relating to HIV/AIDS and education.

So far, 12 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Laos, Pakistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, and Viet Nam have adapted and launched the Advocacy Toolkit.

Contribution to UNGASS and Expected Results
The project will contribute towards UNGASS’ Leadership and Prevention goals by facilitating access to information, education (including peer education and youth-specific HIV education) and services necessary to develop the life skills required to reduce vulnerability to HIV. It will also encourage a swift response from Ministries of Education and contribute to reducing HIV/AIDS prevalence in the region.

Target and Focus
The target group for this kit are mid- to senior level officials / bureaucrats in Ministries of Education who are willing to be actively supporting their Ministries’ enhanced response to HIV/AIDS (so-called ‘Bright Lights’). Feedback from the field has indicated that a similar kit could be designed for headmasters in school.

Indicators for Success
Key indicators to measure the attainment of goals are:

  • The number of countries that have successfully adapted, tested, launched, and promoted the advocacy kit
  • Ministries of Education in the countries selected that have implemented comprehensive policies on HIV/AIDS and Education
  • Increase in financial and human resources dedicated to HIV/AIDS in the education sector