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Resource Material related to Afghanistan

HIV/AIDS and Education: A Toolkit for Ministries of Education, UNESCO, 2006
(available in Dari and Pashtu language, contact: HIV and AIDS Clearinghouse Bangkok

Draft National Education Strategic Plan for Afghanistan 2010-2014. Ministry of Education (MoE). 2010. Kabul: MoE. 

Education Law Decree #56—Official Gazette: Serial # (955)Ministry of Education (MoE). 2008. Kabul: MoE. 

National Higher Education Strategic Plan: 2010-2014Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). 2009. Kabul: MoHE. 

Afghanistan National Strategic Framework for HIV/AIDS 2006-2010. Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). 2008. Kabul: MoPH.

National Child and Adolescent Health Policy 2009-2013. Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). 2009. Kabul: MoPH. 

National Child and Adolescent Health Strategy 2009-2013Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). 2009. Kabul: Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.  

Tuberculosis and HIV Policy, Strategy, and Practical Guidelines 2007-2010Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), TB and HIV Task Force Committee. 2007. Kabul: MoPH.

UNGASS Country Progress Report Afghanistan. Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) et al. 2010. Kabul: MoPH. 

National Reproductive Health Strategy for Afghanistan 2003-2005Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) et al. 2003. Kabul: MoPH. 

Afghanistan National Composite Policy Index (NCPI)National AIDS Control Program (NACP). 2010. Kabul: NACP.