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Resource Materials related to Malaysia

Documents published by UNESCO

Compendium: Conventions and Laws Guaranteeing All Children the Equal Right to a Quality Education in an Inclusive Setting; Malaysia (English) (Malaysia version/Melayu)

UNESCO Teacher Education Manual on HIV and AIDS Prevention and Response: Malaysian Pilot Version.
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Documents from other sources:

Awareness of school students on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and their sexual behavior: a cross-sectional study conducted in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Anwar M, Sulaiman SA, Ahmadi K, Khan TM. 
BMC Public Health. 2010 Jan 30;10:47.

Malaysian Illicit Drug Policy: Top-Down Multi-Agency Governance or Bottom-Up Multi-Level Governance

National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS: 2011 - 2015. Ministry of Health (MoH), et al. 2011. Putrajaya: MoH (pdf)

National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS: 2006 - 2010. Ministry of Health (MoH), et al. 2006. Putrajaya: MoH. 

Education ActThe Commissioner of Law Revision, Malaysia in collaboration with Percetakan Nasional Malaysia BHD. 2006Putrajaya: The Commissioner of Law Revision.

Strategic Plan 2008-2010. Malaysian AIDS Council. 2008. Putrajaya: Malaysian AIDS Council. 

Education Development Plan 2001-2010. Ministry of Education and Training (MoET). 2001. Putrajaya: MoET (pdf

2010 UNGASS Country Progress Report. Ministry of Health (MoH), AIDS/STD Section, Disease Control Division (pdf)

National Composite Policy Index (NCPI). Ministry of Health (MoH), AIDS/STD Section, Disease Control Division. 2010. Putrajaya: MoH.  

Ministry of Health. 2001. National Adolescent Health Policy. Putrajaya: MoH.

Ministry of Health. Prostar Healthy Programme without AIDS for Youth. Putrajaya: MoH. 
Website: and peer education materials for Malaysian youth aged 13-25. 

Ministry of Women, Family and Community (MoWFC). 2011. National Policy on Reproductive Health and Social Education 2009. Putrajaya: MoWFC. 

Malaysia Ministry of Youth and Sports, 1997. Deraf Pembangunan Sar Belia Negara (National Youth Development Policy). Kuala Lumpur, Ministry of Youth and Sports.

UNESCO. 2012. A Situation-Response Analysis of the Education Sector’s Response to HIV, Drugs and Sexual Health in Malaysia. Jakarta: UNESCO (pdf)