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Resource Material related to Philippines

Documents published by UNESCO:

Compendium : Conventions and Laws Guaranteeing All Children the Equal Right to a Quality Education in an Inclusive Setting; Philippines

HIV Preventive Education Information Kit for School Teachers

UNESCO Teacher Education Manual on HIV and AIDS Prevention and Response - Philippine Pilot Version 

UNESCO Jakarta. 2012. A Situation-Response Analysis of the Education Sector’s Response to HIV, Drugs and Sexual Health in the Philippines. Jakarta: UNESCO (pdf)



Documents from other sources:

2010 UNGASS Country Progress Report, Philippines
Reporting period: January 2008December 2009

5th AIDS Medium Term Plan 2011-2016National AIDS Council (NAC). 2011. Manila: NAC (pdf)

Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2010Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. 2010. Manila: Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. 

Policies and Guidelines in the Collaborative Approach of TB and HIV Prevention and Control. (2008) Department of Health (DoH). 2008. Manila: DoH.

National Policy and Strategic Framework on Male Involvement in Reproductive Health Department of Health (DoH). 2006. Manila: DoH.

DepEd Memorandum No. 261 s. 2005: Operationalization of the UNFPA-Assisted Project “Institutionalizing Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) through Lifeskills-Based Education”

National Plan of Action to Achieve Education for All by Year 2015. National Economic and Development Agency-Social Development Committee. 2005. Manila: National Economic and Development Agency-Social Development Committee.

National Technical Education and Skills Development Plan 2005-2009.  Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). 2005. Manila: TESDA.

4th Medium-Term AIDS Plan (2005–2010) National AIDS Council (NAC). 2005. Manila: NAC.

National Family Planning Policy (2001)Department of Health (DoH). 2001. Manila: DoH. 

Adolescent and Youth Health and Development Program (AYHDP) Implementing Guidelines. Department of Health (DoH). 2001.Manila: DoH (pdf)

Reproductive Health Care Agenda Act (2001). Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. 2001. Manila: Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. 

Reproductive Health Policy (2000)Department of Health (DoH). 2000. Manila:  DoH. 

National Adolescent and Youth Health Policy (2000)Department of Health (DoH). 2000. Manila: DoH.

Implementing Rules and Regulations on STD/HIV/AIDS.  National AIDS Council (NAC). 1998. [Republic Act No. 8504]. Manila: NAC.

Philippines AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. 1998. Manila: Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. 

Memorandum Order: Faculty HIV/AIDS Handbook Order. Commission on Higher Education. 2001. Manila: Commission on Higher Education (pdf)

Memorandum Order: Integration of HIV/AIDS Education in Tertiary Education Curriculum. Commission on Higher Education. 2000. Manila:  Commission on Higher Education. 

Committee on Children and HIV/AIDS2010. Strategic Framework on the HIV Response on Children and Young People. Manila: Committee on Children and HIV/AIDS.

2010 Secondary School Curriculum Department of Education (DoE). 2010. Manila: DoE.

Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS). 1996. DECS Memorandum No. 445 S. 1996: Implementing the School-Based AIDS Education Project in All Schools Nationwide. Manila: DECS.

The Health Curriculum in Philippine Basic Education. Galvez Tan, J.Z., et al. 2009. Manila: UNACOM, Social and Human Sciences Committee (pdf)

Country Report of the Philippines. National AIDS Council (NAC). 2010.Manila: NAC.

National Composite Policy Index (NCPI). National AIDS Council (NAC). 2010. Manila: NAC.