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Gender and HIV

Publications published by UNESCO:


Gendering AIDS: women, men, empowerment and mobilization


Gender and HIV Prevention Education in the Asia and Pacific Region




Publications from other sources:

A manual for integrating gender into reproductive health and HIV programs: from commitment to action. Strategies for integrating gender into reproductive health, HIV and AIDS programming
Caro, D.; Schueller, J.; Ramsey, M.; Voet , W./ USA Agency for International Development (USAID), 2003

Gender and HIV/AIDS


Gender and HIV/AIDS


Gender Based Violence and HIV/AIDS in Cambodia: Links, Opportunities and Potential Responses
WHO,Global Campaign for Violence Prevention, ICRW, GTZ, 2005


Gender, HIV and human rights: a training manual
UNIFEM / United Nations (UN) Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), 2000

HIV/AIDS and Non State Provision of Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support Services for Women and Children in Asia Pacific
Doris D’Cruz Grote, 2010

Integrating gender into HIV/AIDS programmes


Report Card HIV Prevention for Girls and Young Women
UNFPA, IPPF, The Global Coalition of Women and AIDS, 2006


Resource Pack on Gender and HIV/AIDS

SEAGA livestock guide: planning with a gender and HIV/AIDS lens
Socio-economic, gender and HIV and Aids issues in livestock production

SEGA; FAO, 2005


Toolkits on Gender and HIV/AIDS (Eldis website)

Training manuals on Gender and HIV/AIDS


Training manuals on Gender and HIV/AIDS Gender, HIV/AIDS And Rights
Training Manual For The Media

UNIFEM Gender and HIV/AIDS Web Portal: Training Materials and/or Tool Kits
UNIFEM Gender and HIV/AIDS Web Portal:

United Nations Population Fund:  Gender dimensions of HIV/AIDS

Women and HIV/AIDS


Women and HIV/AIDS: Confronting the crisis

Women, gender and HIV/AIDS in East and Southeast Asia kit (pdf, 488KB)

Women Lead in the Fight Against AIDS

The Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA), 2006