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HIV and Islam

Faith, Cultures and Sexualities: A pilot study on the impact of Islamic beliefs, traditions and customs on Muslims who have sex with other males (pdf)

HIV, AIDS, and Islam: A Workshop Manual Based on Compassion, Responsibility and Justice (pdf)

HIV, AIDS, and Islam: Reflections based on Compassion, Responsibility and Justice (pdf)

Speaking up: Muslim views on HIV/AIDS (An in-depth study from the Asian Muslim Action Network) (pdf)

Lack of Condom Use, Ignorance Contributes to HIV Spread Among Young Muslims in Southern Thailand (webpage)

Islamic Resources and Muslim Participation in Responding to HIV & AIDS (pdf

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care for Women in Muslim Communities (webpage)

Muslim responses to HIV & AIDS: Case Studies; Key Issues and Ways Forward (pdf)

HIV/AIDS prevention in the Muslim Community (webpage)

Culturally-adapted and audio-technology assisted HIV/AIDS awareness and education program in rural Nigeria: a cohort study (pdf)

Islam and AIDS. Between scorn, pity and justice (pdf)

Islamic Approach to HIV & AIDS: Training Guidelines for Imams, Community Educators and Mosque Communities (pdf)

South Asia Inter-Faith Consultation on Children, Young people and HIV/AIDS
4-6 December 2003, Kathmandu, Nepal (pdf)

Strategic Framework for Coordination of the Global Islamic Response to HIV/AIDS (pdf)