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General Information on HIV and MSM

Sexperts! Disrupting injustice with digital community-led HIV prevention and legal rights education in Thailand.
 Digital Culture & Education, 4:2, 18-42.
Chaiyajit, N, L. & Walsh, C.S., 2012 (pdf)

Towards Universal Access: Examples of Municipal HIV programming for Men who have sex with men and Transgender persons in Six Asian Cities
UNDP, USAID Asia, UNAIDS and AIDS Project Management Group, 2011 (pdf)

Priority HIV and sexual health interventions in the health sector for men who have sex with men and transgender people in the Asia-Pacific Region (pdf)
WHO, 2010
The purpose of this document is: i) to describe the priority health sector interventions needed to achieve universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by men who have sex with men (MSM); ii) to summarize key policy and technical recommendations developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for each of the priority health sector interventions; iii) to guide the selection and prioritization of interventions for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for MSM; and iv) to direct readers to key resources of WHO and other organizations, which contain the best available information on the health sector response to HIV and AIDS for MSM.

Inconsistent condom use among young men who have sex with men, male sex workers, and transgenders in Thailand
Tareerat Chemnasiri, Taweesak Netwong, Surasing Visarutratana, Anchalee Varangrat, Andrea Li, Praphan Phanuphak, Rapeepun Jommaroeng, Pasakorn Akarasewi, and Frits van Griensven
AIDS Education and Prevention, 22(2), 100–109, 2010

Prevention and treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among men who have sex with men and transgender populations. Meeting Report (pdf)
WHO, 2009
A three-day consultation was held in Geneva and brought together participants from the World Health Organization (WHO) and its United Nations (UN) partners along with representatives from 26 countries to discuss the role that the health sector can and should play in addressing prevention, treatment and care of HIV and other STIs among MSM, transgender people and their sexual partners. The Consultation identified key components of both prevention and care interventions for preventing and treating HIV and other STIs in MSM and transgender people. It also identified a number of underlying principles which should guide the provision of these interventions and services in all settings. 

Trends in HIV Prevalence, Estimated HIV Incidence, and Risk Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Bangkok, Thailand, 2003-2007

van Griensven F, Varangrat A, Wimonsate W, Tanpradech S, Kladsawad K, Chemnasiri T, Suksripanich O, Phanuphak P, Mock P, Kanggarnrua K, McNicholl J, Plipat T. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2009 Nov 5.

Ensuring universal Access to Comprehensive HIV Services for MSM in Asia and The Pacific. Determining Operations Research Priorities to Improve HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care, and Support Among Men Who Have Sex With Men
The MSM Initiative, amfAR, August 2009
This report summarizes an assessment that was carried out in early 2009 to identify priorities for operations research to better understand effective models for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support among MSM in Asia and the Pacific.
The report aims to provide i) a summary of recent history leading to the current focus on MSM in Asia and the Pacific; ii) an analysis of community, identity, space and sexual desire and behavior among MSM and transgendered people for the purposes of developing policy, strategy, and service programming; iii) examples of current successful community and facility based services targeting MSM and transgendered people in Asia and the Pacific; iv) key recommendations for operations research to improve the quality and reach of HIV prevention.

A pocket guide for health care providers working with men who have sex with men and transgender persons
International Training and Education Center on HIV, 2007

Male homosexual identities, relationships, and practices among young men who have sex with men in Vietnam: implications for HIV prevention.
Ngo D, Ross M, Phan H, Ratliff E, Trinh T, Sherburne L. AIDS Educ Prev. 2009 Jun;21(3):251-65.

Sexual behavior and risk factors for HIV infection among homosexual and bisexual men in Thailand.

Li A, Varangrat A, Wimonsate W, Chemnasiri T, Sinthuwattanawibool C, Phanuphak P, Jommaroeng R, Vermund S, van Griensven F.Vanderbilt. AIDS Behav. 2009 Apr;13(2):318-27.

Mapping the Pattern of Sex workers, Entertainment Establishments and Men who have Sex with Men in Cambodia
Hor Bun leng and Tuot Sovannary, KHANA, 2008.

Inconsistent condom use with steady and casual partners and associated factors among sexually-active men who have sex with men in Bangkok, Thailand.
Mansergh G, Naorat S, Jommaroeng R, Jenkins RA, Stall R, Jeeyapant S, Phanuphak P, Tappero JW, van Griensven F. AIDS Behav. 2006 Nov;10(6):743-51.

MSM and HIV/AIDS Risk in Asia. What is fueling the epidemic among MSM and how can it be stopped? Therapeutics Research, Education, AIDS Training 

AmfAR, Aug 2006.

Men who have Sex with Men -- the missing piece in national responses to AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (pdf)
UNAIDS, 2007.

HIV prevalence among populations of men who have sex with men--Thailand, 2003 and 2005.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep. 2006 Aug 11;55(31):844-8.

Non Gay Identified Men who have sex with Men (NGIMSM) & the Internet: Who are they and what are they doing? 
Kachur E; McFarlane M, Allensworth-Davies D , Welles S, Rietmeier C, Ross M., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006.

HIV and Men who have Sex with Men in Asia and the Pacific (pdf)
UNAIDS, 2006  

Why has the Thai HIV epidemic in men who have sex with men been so silent?
Celentano DD. AIDS. 2005 Nov 4;19(16):1931.

High HIV, hepatitis C and sexual risks among drug-using men who have sex with men in northern Thailand
Beyrer C, Sripaipan T, Tovanabutra S, Jittiwutikarn J, Suriyanon V, Vongchak T, Srirak N, Kawichai S, Razak MH, Celentano DD. AIDS. 2005 Sep 23;19(14):1535-40.

Evidence of a Previously Undocumented Epidemic of HIV Infection among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Bangkok, Thailand
van Griensven, F; Thanprasertsuk, S; Jommaroeng, R; Mansergh, G; Naorat, S; Jenkins, RA;Ungchusak, K; Phanuphak, P; Tappero, JW; and the Bangkok MSM Study Group. AIDS, 2005

Men who have sex with Men, HIV prevention and Care Report of a UNAIDS stakeholders consultation 
UNAIDS, 2005 

MSM NGOs and their Policy Impacts in China (pdf)
Community Sector Representative China, 2008

Men who have sex with men and HIV in Vietnam : a review.
Colby D, Cao N, Doussantousse S. AIDS Educ Prev. 2004 Feb;16(1):45-54.

Purple Sky Network Newsletter
Volume 1, January—April 2009
Volume 2,  January—April 2009 
Volume 3,  August - December 2009
Volume 4,  January—April 2010

Positive Prevention: HIV Prevention with People Living with HIV 

APCOM, the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health.(pdf)

Gay Men

Young Gay Men, Sex and AIDS

HIV/AIDS among Men Who Have Sex with Men

Men Who Have Sex with Men in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases among men who have sex with men -- Reviews of the Literature

Effective Interventions and Strategies -- Recommended Interventions for Men Who Have Sex with Men

Between Men – HIV/STD Prevention for MSM

Meeting the Needs of Men Who Have Sex With Men in Senegal

Strong increase in MSM HIV cases in Germany

MSM and HIV Prevention Education

UNESCO Expands Efforts to Prevent HIV/AIDS among Men Having Sex with Men in Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam

Health Care Screening for Men who have Sex with Men
  (May, 2004)

HIV/STD Prevention and Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

Anal Cancer in Gay and Bisexual Men

Information for Gay, Bisexual and other Men who have Sex with Men

Increases in Flouroquinolone Resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae Among Men Who Have Sex with Men

Be_Clear Organization

LGBT Health Channel: Safer Sex for MSM

Immunization Action Coalition Protect yourself against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B…A guide for gay and bisexual men

Data and Analysis

High Risk Behaviours among Men Who Have Sex with Men in 6 US Cities: Baseline Data from the EXPLORE Study

HIV/STD Risks in Young Men Who Have Sex With Men Who Do Not Disclose Their Sexual Orientation - Six U.S. Cities, 1994-2000. 
Center for Diesease Control and Prevention. Feb. 2003.

AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT): HIV/AIDS Statistics Men who have Sex with Men in Toronto, 2001

NAM and AIDS Map MSM in India Have High HIV Prevalence and Multiple Risk Factors for HIV

HIV Vaccine Research

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Statistics HIV/AIDS among Men who have Sex with Men

HIV Prevalence, Unrecognized Infection, and HIV Testing Among Men Who Have Sex with Men Five U.S. Cities, June 2004 April 2005

Young Men who have Sex with Men: At Risk for HIV and STDs

HIV Diagnoses amongst MSM in New Zealand

Statistic on MSM – UK

Audio Presentations

Prevention, Access, Choices: Men Who Have Sex with Men in a Developing Country Context

Other Resources

HIV Transmission and Prevention in Gay Men: Related Resources, April 2006

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

Gay Men and HIV/AIDS

Gay Men’s Health Crisis Organization

CDC MSM information Center

Resources for Gay Men Health's Health

Silom Community Clinic

HIV prevention, Care and Treatment workshop in HCM city, Vietnam, 15-17 September 2005
 (Workshop materials):

Psychosocial factors in behavior change strategies for MSM