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Policies and Laws

HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health (pdf)
Global Commission on HIV and Law, July 2012


National AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and Operational Plan, 2006 -2010 (pdf)



School Health Policy (pdf)
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, 2006

Strategic Plan and Operational Plan for HIV 2008-2010

Reducing HIV-related vulnerability, stigna and risk among Cambodian Youth through education (pdf)
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport 2008 

Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS (pdf)
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, 2008 

Making a Significant and Lasting Difference: The National Plan of Action for Orphans Affected by HIV and Other Vulnerable Children in Cambodia, 2008-2010 (pdf)

National Union Alliance Chamber Cambodia’s (NACC) Policy on the Prevention of HIV and AIDS (pdf)

Policies on HIV/AIDS prevention in response to activities of public works and transport sectors in the Kingdom of Cambodia (pdf)

National Policy and Strategies for Prevention and Care of sexually Transmitted and Reproductive Tract Infections 2006-2010 (pdf)
Ministry of Health, Cambodia 

Cambodian Parliamentary Handbook on HIV and AIDS
Cambodian Parliament, 2009 (pdf)

Success in HIV / AIDS National Response and Challenges in The Future
Richard Walker, 2007 (pdf)



The Politics of HIV/AIDS in China
The Asian Perspective, Volume 30, Nov.1, 2006. pp.96-125 (pdf)


Challenges and Opportunities: the Expanded Government-led HIV/AIDS Programs in China (pdf)
National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007


MSM NGOs and their Policy Impacts in China (pdf)
Community Sector Representative China, 2008

“I Will Fight to My Last Breath”: Barriers to AIDS Treatment for Children in China (pdf)
Asia Catalyst Research Report, 2009


UN Joint Programme on AIDS in China (2007-2010) (pdf)


“China’s Action Plan (2006-2010) for Reducing and Preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS” (pdf)
State Council Office, 2006


Midterm Assessment of the UN-Joint Programme on AIDS in China (pdf)
Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Beijing, China, 2009



National AIDS Prevention and Control Policy: India (pdf)

Policy Framework for Children and AIDS' India (pdf)
NACO, Government of India, Ministry of Women and Child Development, 2007

National Policy on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work: Government of India (pdf)


India’s Third National AIDS Programme : 2007-2012 (pdf)
National AIDS Control Organization, 2007


Lao, PDR 

National Strategy and Action Plan on HIV/AIDS/STI 2006-2010 (pdf)
National Committee for the Control of AIDS, 2006



National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS: 2006-2010 (pdf)
Ministry of Health, Malaysia


National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS 2006-2010 (pdf)

National Plan of Action for Children 2006-2015 (pdf)

National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS: Operational Plan April 2006-March 2009 (pdf)



Draft Nepal’s National Strategic Plan 2006-2011 (pdf)

National HIV and AIDS Action Plan: Nepal (pdf)



National Education Policy 1998-2010(pdf)                                                                      



2010 UNGASS Country Progress Report, Thailand (pdf)
National AIDS Prevention and Alleviation Committee, April 2010
The report demonstrates the progress that has been made in fighting HIV in the period January 2008 – December 2009 in Thailand according to the UNGASS declaration on HIV/AIDS. The UNGASS Declaration emphasized the importance of collaboration of the various sectors including the government, business, civil society, labor organizations, and PLHA organizations in implementing the programs to confront the AIDS challenges at every level of society, including prevention of new infection, expanding access to care and treatment, and mitigating the impact of AIDS. 

The National Plan for Strategic and Integrated HIV and AIDS Prevention and Alleviation 2007-2011: Key Contents (pdf)
The National Committee for HIV and AIDS Prevention and Alleviation, 2007


The Asian Epidemic Model (AEM) Projections for HIV/AIDS In Thailand: 2005-2025 (pdf)
Family Health International (FHI) and Bureau of AIDS, TB and STIs, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, 2008

External review of the health sector response to HIV/AIDS in Thailand (pdf)
Ministry of Public Health, World Health Organization, 2005


The Economics of Effective AIDS Treatment: Evaluating Policy Documents for Thailand (pdf)
Ana Revenga, Mead Over, Emiko Masaki,Wiwat Peerapatanapokin, Julian Gold, Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Sombat, The World Bank, 2006

Fighting a Rising Tide: The response to AIDS in East Asia (pdf)
Wiput Poolcharoen, 2006



Improving Hospital-based Quality of Care in Vietnam by Reducing HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination (pdf)
Institute for Social Development Studies International Center for Research on Women Horizons Program, 2008


Civil Society Perspectives on HIV/AIDS Policy in Vietnam (pdf)
Institute of Social Developmental Studies, 2007〈=en


HIV/AIDS In Vietnam (pdf)
Vietnam Commission for Population, Family, and Children, Ministry of Health, Population Reference Bureau, Rhonda Smith, Marya Khan, Dao Quang Vinh, 2007


The law on prevention and control of HIV/AIDS (pdf)
The 11th National Assembly of the Socialist Rebublic of Vietnam, 2006

Country Case Studies: Uncharted Waters: The Impact of U.S. Policy in Vietnam
Population Action International, 2006 (pdf

General References

HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Program (HAARP) Law and Policy Review July 2009
Country reviews: Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines) (pdf)

Use of Soft Law to Address HIV/AIDS in Southeast Asia (pdf)
HIV/AIDS Law and Policy Review, 2006

Regional strategic plan on HIV/TB

Transgender People`s  Access To Sexual Health and Rights: A Study of Law and Policy in 12 Asian Countries (pdf)
Neha Sood, Asian Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Woman, May 2010
This study was commissioned to examine and report on issues related to sexuality in the 12 Asian countries. Sexuality is recognized, variably in sections of civil society, United Nations` institutions, donor governments to be a central aspect of personhood which affects all individualism families, communities and societies. Also recognized are the links with health, reproductive health and rights, livelihood, poverty, HIV and AIDS and other issues.


Law, policy and HIV in Asia and the Pacific. Implications on the vulnerability of men who have sex with men, female sex workers and injecting drug users (pdf) 
Kendal, M. 2009/11
HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and surveillance among most-at-risk-populations (MARP) are impacted by national laws and policies. Laws criminalizing behaviours of most‐at‐risk populations, as well as the absence of protective policies and laws (for example, harm reduction policies, national HIV policies, HIV laws, and constitutional and international provisions supporting human rights) all act as barriers to effective HIV interventions, thus increasing the vulnerability of these groups.
This analysis identifies national laws and policies within the region and provides evidence as to how they may increase HIV vulnerability among affect MSM, sex workers and IDUs by making them harder to reach with prevention initiatives. In addition, it will highlight current HIV‐related data on MARPs that are likely – at least in part – influenced by the current state of law and policy. Given that the Data Hub for Asia and the Pacific acts as a repository for data on 26 countries and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China in Asia‐Pacific, these countries are the focus of this analysis.


Sex, Rights and the Law in a World with AIDS -  Meeting Report and Recommendations (pdf)
International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), UNDP, and the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, 2009
This document offers a broad framework for understanding and addressing HIV vulnerability related to sexuality and gender. It also provides recommendations on priority actions to be taken to reduce those vulnerabilities and foster resilience in the context of a long-term response to AIDS.


Laws affecting HIV responses among MSM and transgender people in Asia and the Pacific (pdf)
UNDP, APCOM, May 2010
This short presentation shows laws affecting HIV responses for MSM & TG in Asia and Pacific and summarizes the impact of laws on HIV responses. The study from UNDP and APCOM used reviews, cases and peer review literature to give recommendations for some law reform options.


A closer look: the internalization of stigma related to HIV (pdf)
USAIDS, 2006