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Workshop Materials

2005 Capacity Building Workshop

UNESCO HIV/AIDS Focal Points Capacity Building Workshop
24-28 April 2005, Dhaka, Bangladesh


24 April 2005
Updated HIV/AIDS Statistics and Dynamics for the Asia-Pacific Region
Evaristo Marowa (UNAIDS Bangladesh)

Looking Back and Looking Forward: UNESCO’s Evolving Response to HIV/AIDS in this Region: UBW, OPEC, JFIT, CDC, ADB and Other Prospects for the Coming Years
Jan Wijngaarden


Strengthening the Education Sector Response to HIV/AIDS: Examples of Success and Failure
Sheldon Shaeffer

HIV/AIDS/STD Facts Clinic
Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam, Chairman, Dept. of Virology, BSMMU, Bangladesh

Skills building session: Using UNESCO's Information Online
Ngo Thanh Loan and Lucy Teasdale

Skills building session: Using Proper Language in HIV/AIDS
Lucy Teasdale

25 April 2005

Strengthening UNESCO’s Organizational Response to HIV/AIDS: NatCom Involvement, Strengthening of Cluster Mechanism, Intra-sectoral Collaboration, HQ/RO/CO Collaboration, Collaboration with Civil Society and NGOs
Plenary discussion, facilitated by Sheldon Shaeffer, Bangkok and Heng Daovannary (Lao NatCom)

HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies: Targeted, or in the broader context of School Health?
Arun Mallik (UNESCO Bangkok)

Workplace Issues: Meeting the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Needs of UNESCO Staff
Chris Castle (UNESCO Focal Point on HIV/AIDS)

Skills building session: Looking for Ways to Work with UNICEF on Issues related to Children Affected /Infected by HIV/AIDS and Education
Annelene Ror and Sheldon Shaeffer (UNESCO Bangkok)

The role of UNESCO CLT and UNESCO SHS in Responding to HIV/AIDS
Jan Wijngaarden (UNESCO Bangkok)


26 April 2005 Field Trip

27 April 2005

HIV/AIDS and the Quality of Education
Kate Elder (UNESCO/PEQ)


The UNESCO Global Initiative at the Country Level: Establishing a Multi-sectoral Partnership to Strengthen Education Sector Responses
Chris Castle UNESCO Focal Point on HIV/AIDS) and Sheldon Shaeffer (UNESCO Bangkok)

Supporting the Implementation of Effective HIV and AIDS Prevention Education in Schools
Christine Panchaud, IBE

Fighting Stigma and Discrimination of PLWA, MSM and Other Groups through Curriculum Reform, Non-formal Education and Strengthening Community Links
Vaidyanathan Krishnamurthy (CARE Bangladesh)


Strengthening Non-Formal HIV Prevention Education: Using Outreach, Youth Clubs and Peer Education
Komiljon Karimov (UNESCO Uzbekistan)

Peer Educators Inititatives in Indonesia
Mira Fajar (UNESCO Indonesia)


28 April 2005

Material related to the UNESCO/OPEC fund project:

Country Work Plan Format
Work Plan Issues