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Building new young leaders in Myanmar

©UNESCO/Y. Y. Aung

This week, 32 young people from across Myanmar came together to Yangon to attend the NewGen training in Myanmar: Leadership Short Course for Young Key Affected Populations, in the Central Hotel in Yangon. 

This five-day course is developed for emerging young leaders, many of whom come from key affected populations (MSM, transgender people, people who inject drugs, people who sell sex and people living with HIV). It aims to equip the participants with capabilities so that they are able to play a greater role at the country level response and to provide them with an opportunity to build the necessary skills to become future leaders in the HIV response. The training is led by three young leaders from key affected population and Youth Lead is providing technical support for them.

@UNESCO/Y.Y. AungThe course includes information on HIV prevention, stigma and discrimination and young key affected populations and will have a special focus on skills-based training including advocacy, communication and leadership. The curriculum was developed over an 11-month consultation, writing and piloting process led by Youth LEAD in partnership with Associate Professor Helen Cahill, an expert in health education and participatory curriculum design from The University of Melbourne, Australia, and UN partners.

The training is supported by UNESCO with funding from UNAIDS.

For full announcement about the course in English or in Burmese and the Course Agenda.

Contact: Yu Yu Aung, UNESCO in Yangon at