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Foundation Workshop for Myanmar Youth Stars, Young Key Affected Populations Network in Myanmar

NewGEN leadership short course for young key affected populations in Yangon in November 2012 (©UNESCO)

Date of workshop: 6 - 8 April 2013
Central Hotel, No. 335-357, Bogyoke Aung San Road, Yangon


The HIV epidemic in Myanmar is largely concentrated in nature, with 0.53% prevalence among the adult population. Key populations bear a great burden of disease, however, including younger cohorts (under age 25). For example, HIV prevalence is 9.1% among young female sex workers, 5.7% among young men who have sex with men and 13.7% among young people who inject drugs.

UNESCO organized “New Gen Training”, a leadership short course for young key affected populations (YKAP), in late 2012 in order to build their capacity to contribute to the national AIDS response. This was the first training which brought young key populations together in Myanmar. One result of the workshop was the establishment of a working group to strengthen the young people from key population network and to initiate HIV activities targeting their peers. UNESCO agreed to provide support and guidance to them to become a well-functioning and sustained network with a good foundation. UNESCO is supporting their regular monthly meetings in 2013 and the central working group named their network as “Myanmar Youth Stars (MYS)”.

UNESCO, in collaboration with MYS, is organizing a workshop which aims to set a good foundation for them to become well-functioned network and to lead actions in HIV response.

Strengthen the capacity of Myanmar Youth Stars (MYS), a newly formed network of young people from key populations, to manage their activities effectively

• To understand what a network is, how it works and how to expand
• To equip members with skills to effectively work in network activities
• To identify the capacity needs of MYS to able to strengthen it network
• To develop terms of reference (TOR) for central working group members of MYS
• To develop vision, mission, objectives of Myanmar Youth Stars and develop work plan for 2013-14

20 working group members of Myanmar Youth Stars and YKAP network.

View the Foundation Workshop Agenda

For more information, please contact
Dr Yu Yu Aung
HIV/AIDS National Program Officer
Phone: 01 542910 -19, ext. 111

U Kyaw Min Htun
Member, Myanmar Youth Stars
Phone: 09420312204

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