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National Workshop on Using ICT as a Tool to Get Updated Information on HIV and AIDS


Jakarta, Indonesia
In collaboration with UNESCO Jakarta office, the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, Braillo Norway and ASPnet/iEARN, the Education Ministry organized a national workshop on "Using ICT as a Tool to Get Updated Information about HIV & AIDS" which was held from February 1- 3, 2008. The training aimed to strengthen educators' research skills by using ICT tools to explore HIV/AIDS information available on the Internet and to promote knowledge sharing.

Forty participants including 36 teachers from secondary schools and four University lecturers attended the three-day course. On the first two days, participants spent time on learning a new set of skills such as how to effectively use search engines, e-networking as well as being aware of informative websites related to HIV education including the UNESCO HIV databases such as database of publications, events, lesson plans. On the last day, participants worked on developing their own lesson plans based on research materials obtained during the first two days of the training. The organizing team encouraged participants to finalize their lesson plans and submit these to the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO by February 15, 2008 for a national competition on Lesson Plans, which is an activity under a UNESCO-Japanese Funds-in-Trust project.

Funded by the 2007 UNAIDS UBW resources, this training was part of a series of user training on information accessing skills which the UNESCO Clearinghouse conducted in six countries including Cambodia, Kazakhstan, China (Yunnan province), Vietnam, Lao PDR and Indonesia. The UNESCO Clearinghouse started its operations in 2003 provides information support services to its audience in Asia and the Pacific. To date, the Clearing house has received financial supports from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and UNAIDS.
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