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Project resources

This web page provides the user with easy access to resources developed by the UNESCO Bangkok HIV and AIDS Clearinghouse for the 2003-2004 project " HIV/AIDS preventive education in cross border areas of the Greater Mekong Subregion", as well as other resources developed by UNESCO Bangkok as part of its ongoing and larger programming on ethnic minorities, HIV/AIDS, trafficking and substance use.


Project documents

The final report of the 2003-2004 project "HIV/AIDS preventive education in cross border areas of the Greater Mekong Subregion", prepared by UNESCO Bangkok. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the project activities and results achieved.


Printed material

HIV/AIDS in the GMS: Bulletin for Prevention Education in the Greater Mekong Subregion, Issue 1, 2004. This bulletin was produced under the 2003-2004 ADB-UNESCO-SEAMEO project "ICT and Preventive Education in the Cross-border Areas of the Greater Mekong Sub-region". It contains a wealth of resources, including web links and publication reviews.


HIV/AIDS databases

HIV/AIDS teaching/learning materials database

The database now contains an inventory of 200 educational materials on HIV/AIDS/STDs used either in the formal or non-formal education sectors. The database can be searched by type of material (guidelines, curriculum, teaching materials, learning materials, resource/ reading materials, training materials, and support audio-visual materials) and by themes or topics. Documents can also be retrieved by title, author or geographical coverage.

HIV/AIDS bibliographic database

The HIV/AIDS bibliographic database currently consists of 2015 records. Books, project reports, articles and other relevant information on general HIV/AIDS are continuously collected for input to the bibliographic database.

The HIV/AIDS full-text database

The HIV/AIDS full-text database consists of selected materials including books, reports, brochures, articles, etc. These materials are categorized by topic areas.


GIS maps and animated maps

The UNESCO Bangkok GIS database includes maps on HIV/AIDS, trafficking, migration, ethnic minorities, GMS language mapping and citizenship mapping. UNESCO Bangkok has the only up-to-date animated maps showing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Thailand from 1989-2005.  Link to this resource here.

Radio programming: script & sound

UNESCO Bangkok has developed a unique and innovative methodology for producing culturally acceptable radio programmes in minority languages to educate target audiences of ethnic minority youth and young women on issues of HIV/AIDS, trafficking and drug abuse. The UNESCO Bangkok Culture Unit web site includes the UNESCO methodology, an overview of the various radio programmes, and script and sound samples. Link to this resource here.