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Here you will find links to most of the country specific information provided by this site regarding Singapore. You may also want to do a search by clicking on "ICT search" in the sidebar, or a search in one of our databases. Note that most of the projects have a regional impact and therefore are not necessarily listed here.





  • Future Schools @ Singapore
    This organization was developed to serve as peaks of excellence in an ability-driven education paradigm, and to encourage innovation and enterprise in schools.  These schools will not only enhance the diversity of educational offerings to cater to learners’ needs but provide possible models for the seamless and pervasive integration of infocomm technology that includes interactive digital media (IDM).


Further resources

  • Article: MOE Launches 3rd Masterplan for ICT in Education 
    The Ministry of Education has developed the third Masterplan for ICT in Education (2009-2014). The third Masterplan represents a continuum of the vision of the first and second Masterplans, with a mandate to  enrich and transform the learning environments of our students and equip them with the critical competencies and dispositions to succeed in a knowledge economy.

  • Article: Singapore on its Way to Integrate ICTs in Education
    Singapore is taking massive steps to integrate ICT’s into education in a variety of ways.

  • Article: General Impressions of ICT in Singapore
    From the author: “If I were asked to give a one-phrase description of education in Singapore, I should have to say that the overriding impression is one of faith and trust. Faith in the ability of the child to rise to challenges that we might consider beyond their years. Trust in the ability of the teacher to guide the youngsters and nurture their talents and abilities.”

  • EduTech on Singapore: ICT and Education 
    Singapore's Masterplan for ICT in Education (now in its third edition) is perhaps the model for forward-thinking, holistic and flexible policymaking in this area. A tiny city-state that has moved from 'developing' to developed' status in just one generation, Singapore is in many ways an exceptional case, but that doesn't mean that its experience is not instructive for other countries.

  • MOE Singapore: Powerpoint on ICT in Education 
    This informative powerpoint allows for policy makers and educators involved in ICT in Education to consider the effectiveness of strategic implementation of ICT in Education. Learning points include paying attention to the teachers readiness to implement ICT integration and taking a multi-disciplinary and multi-partnership approach to push frontiers on use in ICT in Education.