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Policy development on ICT – definition, guidelines, tools

EnGauge is a tool that organises data to assist users in evaluating the systemwide use of educational technology and planning strategically. The enGauge framework identifies Six Essential Conditions—systemwide factors critical to effective uses of technology for student learning.

The Matrix Tutorial by BECTa
The matrix is an online tool, developed by the UK National College for School Leadership (NCSL) and Becta, which facilitates self-evaluation and action planning. The matrix can be used to review current position against a set of levelled statements. There are exemplars available that place the statements into helpful scenarios and context. As you complete the matrix, an action plan, based on your results, is produced. Some matrices may have links to online resources. If you register, the matrix will automatically save your results, allowing you to come back to them in the future. You can also edit the action plan if you register.

World Bank Policymakers Workshop
The ICT & Education Policymakers Workshop is modular in design, allowing it to be modified and adapted to meet the specific needs of each participating country or region. The content is designed to be used in workshops and is arranged in the following sections: Introduction, Content and Curriculum; Student Use of the Internet and Acceptable Use Policies; ICT and Education Reform; Strategic Planning and Vision Statements; Connectivity, Infrastructure and Networks; Professional Development; Implementation and Financial Issues; Communications; Managing Change; Intellectual Property and Copyright; Intragovernmental Issues; Partnerships; and Additional Resources.

IBM Reinventing Education Change Toolkit
The Reinventing Education Change Toolkit (CTK) is a dynamic action guide that will help education professionals be more effective in implementing real change in their schools or school systems. The Change Toolkit helps to diagnose the situation; get quick, relevant advice; read real-life case studies from colleagues in education about their experiences relevant to using the Toolkit; plan for a change initiative or project; or collaborate with the project team and hold on-line discussions. The Change Toolkit consists of three major sections – the Change Wheel, the Seven Skills of Change Masters and Change Fundamentals, each with many sub-topics.

ICT in Education in the Asia-Pacific Website Policy and Strategy

Designing National e-Development Strategies
This interview sees Dr. Nagy Hanna, Senior Advisor, Informatics Advisory Services, World Bank, discussing how the concepts of "e-development" and "e-strategy" can make a difference in making the transition to the knowledge economy and information society. He also shares his experience in assisting the Government of Sri Lanka in designing a national e-development strategy.

BECTa Information sheet: Writing a whole-school ICT policy
The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency provides clear and concise information on all aspects of writing an ICT policy for schools, including useful links.

World Bank Institute's ICT & Education Policymakers Workshop
The Education Programme of the World Bank Institute has published the course materials for its ICT in education workshop for educational policymakers. Based on lessons learned during pilot projects in the last five years, the programme has developed a series of downloadable tools and resources to aid policymakers responsible for planning and implementing ICT and education projects.

ICT Development Tools
These pages provide two tools that are designed to help with ICT development. Firstly, a set of Interactive ICT Policy Guidelines helps the user to prepare an ICT Policy for their school or college. Then the Interactive ICT Planning Matrices help generate a set of ICT Development Action Plans, guiding the process of ICT evolution within school.

Online Searchable Database for Policy-makers
The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping schools reach their full potential, has proven itself as a valuable resource in education policy by synthesizing research and information in a manner that is understandable to policy makers.

The Concept of a National Information Policy in Education - Czech Technical University
This is an action plan toward the development of a concept of a national information policy in education. It contains objectives and functions/activities dealing with the development of the national information policy and recommendations to all higher institutes of learning to integrate ICT into their teaching/learning programmes.

Policy papers and plans on ICTs in education
Search the IITE database alphabetically, by language, level of education or target group.