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ICT in Education Capacity Building

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UNESCO Bangkok with funding support from Japanese-Funds-In-Trust (JFIT) has published an e-learning course containing two modules.

  • Module 1: ICT in Education Essentials: provides learners with essential information about ICT in education and aims to promote common understanding about the topic in the education sector.

  • Module 2: ICT in Education Decision Making: helps learners to consider the different factors involved in choosing the appropriate technology to use in a particular education setting. The two modules were especially designed for policymakers, educational planners, school administrators, education specialist and educators, in general.

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Workshop participants sharing their ideas.

Workshop participants sharing their ideas.

ICT can be a useful tool for bringing high-quality education to all.  However, ICT can also divert scarce resources and even become a waste of resources if the costs and benefits of using ICT in education are not fully understood and if decision makers are not aware of the experiences of other countries and the problems they may have experienced. Also, investment in ICT can be a waste of resources if ICT is not integrated into education effectively or is not appropriate for local circumstances. To be able to make judicious choices and prepare well-designed policies, plans, and projects it is therefore important for officials from Ministries of Education and from development agencies to be well-informed about “ICT in Education” issues. Similarly, the staff of schools and colleges, including principals, teachers and teacher educators, need to be aware of the issues regarding the use of ICT in their institution. With a common understanding of the issues, effective dialogue can take place and progress can be made towards harnessing the potential that ICT offers for bringing high-quality education to all.

The ICT in Education Capacity Building project aims to develop and deliver learning modules which will improve awareness and understanding of the issues relating to the use of ICT in education.The initial learning modules created as part of this project will cover the basic issues and will provide learners with the essential knowledge to meaningfully participate in any ICT in Education discussion. Later modules (intermediate and advanced) will provide more in-depth knowledge of specific topics and will be targeted at particular user-groups, such as Ministry of Education staff and teachers.