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Supporting innovative use of ICT in education

Children in Cambodia, learning how to use a laptop computer.

The ICT in Education Innovative Practices project aims to identify innovative approaches to using ICT in education in the Asia-Pacific region.

Advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) are bringing about many changes in our world: challenging the way we think and altering the ways we socialize and communicate. ICT have also inspired innovations in every spectrum of life and are revolutionizing various sectors of society, including education.

Realizing the potential of such technologies and innovations for achieving the goal of quality education for all and for making the ideal of lifelong learning a reality, UNESCO is implementing projects which seek to assist educators, government officials and others to harness the potential of those technologies in effective and efficient ways.

UNESCO’s latest initiative, launched in 2007, is the "ICT in Education Innovative Practices" project which aims to identify and reward outstanding examples of the innovative use of ICT in education. The project also aims to disseminate information about these innovative practices and to assist others to benefit from them by conducting training workshops based on selected examples.

Latest innovative programmes and projects

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  • This project is supported by Japanese Funds-in-Trust (JFIT) and Intel

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