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Winner of the Teacher and Teacher Educator Category

Fractured Fairy Tale cum ICT
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, Singapore

It is true that some people can write better than others, but the art of writing can be taught and learned by everyone.

The teachers in Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School in Singapore have found one way to motivate and enable the students in Primary Four (aged 10 years) to improve their writing skills. Adopting the “Fractured Fairy Tale cum ICT” approach, they were able to help their students structure their stories and present them in multimedia formats. Other beneficiaries from the project included English language teachers, Chinese language teachers and parents who can boost their children’s interest at home.

The “Fractured Fairy Tale” (FFT) uses a story that is familiar to the students as the foundation for them to modify the original story in all aspects – characters, setting, points of views, plots, an important feature/item or conclusion – to one that matches their imagination and creativity.

The students were taught how to use the necessary ICT tools to animate their fairy tales, such as video gaming software, SIM 2 software, video editing software, dynamic microphones to record sound, Acid Pro software and Story Mapping Guide. Having gained the ability to add visual and sound effects to their stories, the students were able to augment their stories in ways that were not possible through the use of only pen and paper.

One clear outcome of the project was the increase in the creativity and embellishment of the students’ writing. The structured FFT approach helped the students to compose their stories strategically on the one hand, and the use of other ICT tools made their stories come alive. Rather than seeing writing as another boring school assignment, the students began to see themselves as directors and producers of real movie-making instead.

The FFT cum ICT approach has transformed gaming activities popular with young people into a useful learning tool to enhance their interests and skills in writing. The students have increased their vocabulary to narrate their stories through peer tutoring during group discussions. Working in pairs or groups, they also gained soft skills in being a better team player and giving better oral presentations. Their personal growth and maturity were also evident in the way they respect the opinions of others, their humility, perseverance and responsibility.