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Certificate of Commendation for the Teacher and Teacher Educator Category

ICT Integration in Pre-service Teacher Training through Action Research, E-learning and Electronic Portfolio

M.U. Paily, Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

A project that integrated ICT into education through action research, e-learning and e-portfolio was designed to empower student teachers at Goa University, India, to develop their ICT competencies. Using a variety of ICT tools and resources, the student teachers were actively involved in collaborative learning, research, training and multimedia presentation.

Using Moodle as the e-learning platform, the Virtual Centre for Education Innovation ( enhanced the student teachers' learning by facilitating access to online resources, assignments, forum discussions, chat sessions, journal entries, quizzes, blogs, and so on. In turn, the student teachers were required to design and deliver e-learning on one course for their students in schools, making use of all the features of Moodle. Working in pairs, 26 student teachers prepared a total of 13 courses in Mathematics, Science, Geography, English and History. Each pair of teachers enrolled 10 school students onto their courses.

The Virtual Learning Foundation, comprising several centres, was established to reach out to learners at the local, national and international levels maximizing the potential of the internet and open source software. The centres include the Virtual Centre for Educational Innovation, Virtual Centre for Technology in Education ( and the Virtual Centre for Teacher Education (

The project and its extended networks benefited not only the student teachers, but also teacher educators, school students and school administrators. One clear impact was the increase in student teachers' ICT competencies and action research skills.