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In Search of Innovative Practices in ICT in Education<br>UNESCO ICT in Education Innovation Awards, 2007-2008

Panel of Judges

Fumihiko Shinohara is a professor at the Faculty of Education in Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan. He is an expert on educational technology and teacher education, and has organized and coordinated many ICT-related competitions and events.

Paulina Pannen is the Director of SEAMOLEC, Indonesia. Her extensive work and research on educational technology, higher education, teacher education and distance learning have given her an intimate knowledge of issues related to the use of ICT in education in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hyeonjin Kim, a former Senior Researcher at the Korea Education and Research Information Service, is now lecturing at the Korea National University of Education. She has a broad range of experiences in management, research and teaching after having worked in both public and private sectors.

Miao Feng-chun is the Programme Specialist in ICT in Education at UNESCO Bangkok, with a rich experience in promoting the use of ICT in education as the former Director of the National Research Centre for Computer Education in Beijing, China, as well as through his numerous engagements in educational technology and training.