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Certificate of Commendation for the Education Planner and Administrator Category

Smart Science Station: Computer Aided eXperience
School Learning Solutions, NIIT, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The study of science requires experimentation and observation. Students in most government schools in India are disadvantaged in this respect because poor laboratory facilities in their schools hinder such practical and hands-on learning opportunities. The students' understanding of science suffers as a result.

The School Learning Solutions Unit of NIIT, India, has developed the Smart Science Station that can be set up in schools to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning science concepts for Grades 7 to 12. Interfaced with a computer, the kit can be transformed into a Computer-aided Science Station for students to perform and simulate a wide range of science experiments in a child-friendly and safe environment.

The Smart Science Station enhances exploratory learning and intuitive understanding in diverse concepts and phenomena, such as electricity, sound, heat and energy. The computer-based experiments can be combined with computer-based training packages, thus providing the student with a radically new Computer-Aided eXperience (CAX) kit that can correct the learners' mistakes instantaneously. The design of Data Capture and Control Unit (DCCU), an analogous measurement component of the CAX kit, allows the students to focus on the experiments and inference of the results rather than on the measurements, thus helping them comprehend the concepts better.